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Creative Event Ideas That Will Grab Your Customers or Employees Attention

There are many reasons why you may need to host an event at your business. Maybe you want to have a holiday party or get-together for your employees. Or maybe you really need to beef up awareness about your brand and so you need to host a marketing event where you can invite potential customers over.

Either way, the trick is you need to include things at the event so it’s not just another boring party or event, and simply serving wine and appetizers isn’t going to really be enough to differentiate your event from many other similar ones in town.

Here are the top creative event ideas that will grab your customers or employees attention:


There are many different examples of inflatable items that you can have at your event. For example, you could have an inflatable chandelier that suspends from the ceiling, or you could have an inflatable igloo that people can actually walk into and hang out in.

To make things more interesting, you could attach LED lights to either the chandelier or to the inside or outside of the igloo. In the case of the igloo examples, you could consider having sofas and appetizers inside as well to make it even more interesting.

Graphic Recording Of Your Company

On the side of the wall, you could have a graphic recording of the history and values of your company set up. Alternatively, you could also set up a graphic of an overview of the year for you.

This is something that you would need to have professionally designed, and it may be a little expensive. But on the other hand, for customers at a marketing event or brand awareness event especially, it can be a creative and interesting way to explain what exactly your company is all about.

Use An Indoor Balloon Tower Kit

An indoor balloon tower kit is essentially a nearly ten foot indoor balloon tower that will make an impression on people as son as they walk inside.

The tower would need to be comprised of balloons of many different colors in order to stand out better, with some examples of balloon tower kits on the market having nearly twenty separate color choices.

The main purpose to using a balloon tower kit in this manner is simply to grab people’s attention when they walk inside and to get them into a festive or party mood, which can really help set the tone for how the rest of the day or night will play out.

Yellow Brick Road

With this example, you’ll simply set up an LED ‘yellow brick road’ that can extend for over a hundred meters around the side of the room. The road can lead people to different sections at the event (such as to different sections of the party or event).

You can also invest in an LED road that, rather than being a ‘yellow brick road’ version is rather a version that will change the color of the lights when somebody steps over it.

Open Space

Last but not least, be sure to leave plenty of open space where people can mingle, hang out, and talk at your event as well.

While this may not sound very creative, the truth is that it can help make the event very impactful by giving attendees of the event the ability to set the agenda for the night. Even if you have many other attractions at the event, there should still be space where people can get away for at least a few minutes to get away from things.

At the very least, simply having open space at your business event will help attendees to not feel pressured to do or see anything and instead network and hang out with other folks, and it can give the event a more easy going atmosphere as well.

Creative Event Ideas To Grab Your Customers or Employees Attention

In summary, any events you have at your office for your customers or your employees needs to include things that grab their attention when they walk in through the front door and help them to have fun.

Otherwise, you’re just going to be holding another boring office or event party that most of the attendees won’t find to be all that interesting, when you could at least make the effort to make it otherwise.