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Custom Labels & Stickers Company

If you are looking for a company that will be able to provide you with custom labels for your business, one of the best companies that you can work with is called Sticker Mule. It is a well-known company, one that does much more than stickers. It can also provide labels, magnets, buttons and mailers as well. Here is a quick overview of what this company will be able to do for you, and why you should consider getting custom labels from Sticker Mule.

Why Should You Get Stickers From This Company?

Part of the reason that you should consider working with this company is because they offer quite a bit of variety. You can get die cut stickers, circle stickers, bumper stickers, square and rectangular stickers, and even sticker sheets if you want to. They are actually printed on weather resistant vinyl which makes them very durable. If you are going to put these outside, they are going to last even in the harshest weather conditions. They also come with a premium top layer which is what allows them to do well in harsh sunlight, rain and wind. In fact, they have actually been placed in dishwashers and have remained intact, showing how well they are created. They also have exceptional ratings, with 98% of their customers stating that they would reorder again. There are a few other reasons why you should consider getting custom labels from Sticker Mule.

Additional Unique Sticker Options

Some of the most unique stickers that you can get from this company are the ones that are excessively large. They actually do floor graphics which can be affixed to many surfaces, and they also do wall graphics. They also have other unique shapes such as those that are oval and round. You can even get clear stickers, with only your image placed in the center on this clear transparent material. Finally, they offer kiss cut stickers, and those that have front adhesive, something that you may need for your business. All of these are printed with the same level of quality in regard to their construction and the clarity of the image itself.

Other Services That They Offer

If you like their stickers, you ought to consider investing in labels as well. They come in four different styles on the same weather resistant vinyl in rectangular, square, oval and circular shapes. The magnets that they make are custom-made, cut precisely to your specifications. The more that you order, the greater the discount it will be. If you would like to get buttons, they also have those. These are the custom round pin back buttons that you will often see at conventions. Whether you are a business having a gathering for training, or if you are planning a special event, these buttons are very easy to hand out, and even easier to wear.

Mailers For Your Business

Finally, they do offer poly mailers which you might want to consider for your business. It’s perfect for people that have e-commerce stores where they are sending out packages every day. They are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to ship, and they are also waterproof. The material is tear resistant which means you will be able to feel confident that it will arrive in perfect condition wherever your customers happen to live. Best of all, they have a self adhesive strip which will ensure that the package will not open along the way. Once it is received, there is a perforated easy open tear tab which will make it very easy for your customers to access the products that you sent.

If you have been searching for a top rated sticker business, you cannot go wrong with Sticker Mule. They have everything that you will ever need for your business or organization. They will do your custom stickers in all of the sizes and shapes that have been mentioned, plus they offer their additional services at discounted prices. You can sign up today on their website, place your order, and it will be shipped out to you free of charge. They offer a full guarantee on the quality of the products that they produce, ensuring that you will be happy with the final product. Go ahead and place your order today and find out why they have over 15,000 reviews attesting to how good their products are. Get your custom labels from Sticker Mule today.