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I’m Danny Boice, the co-founder, and CEO of Trustify.  As a survivor, of abuse I have firsthand experience with the very truth, trust, and safety challenges Trustify addresses every day. Prior, I served as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, an appointed position during the Obama administration. There I worked parallel to the White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) on new ways to protect vulnerable elderly Americans from fraud using the Internet, mobile, and technology at-large.

Danny Boice Experience

My experiences above all came before the 2016 Election and the impending ubiquity of terms like “alternative facts” and “fake news.”

I’ve been blessed or cursed in that I’ve been able to witness the human condition and technology morph and adapt side by side over the past 20 or so years.  What I’ve come to realize is that we often see technology as a source of growth, wealth-creation, and change, but overlook the fact that it is only as noble as its users. We post and tweet our most perfect selves in our most picturesque situations. Even when we do share vulnerably, we do it in a filtered manner.   Filtered literally via photographs and metaphorically via edited words, perpetuating the aforementioned picturesque images of ourselves.

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We spread these ostensible tales online, failing to take advantage of the potential for social impact and moral good that the Internet provides and instead promoting ourselves using puffery and isolation.

This scrubbed version of fact leaves us assuming that everyone else is happier, wealthier, more beautiful, and in better overall standing than we are. We mask our sense of inadequacy and unworthiness. This paradigm distorts our human experience into an experience based on shame.  Our dishonesty and self-shaming go unchecked and continue to thrive as social media has no accountability protocol.

Danny Boice Talks About Social Media Deception

By “puffing” or blatantly deceiving on social media, we perpetuate a farse that values function over form, sizzle over the steak, vanity over vulnerability. A structure appears in which real human connection rarely occurs. We find ourselves living in a world where technology is the hand by which meaningful human contact dies. This world then perpetuates environments in which fear, the superficial and dishonesty all thrive.  Our ability or even desire to promote positive worldly change diminishes.

Add the inherently viral nature of the Internet (driven by viral mechanics), and it’s easy to see why our sense of danger and insecurity has risen tenfold. Broadcasts of ISIS beheadings, police shootings, gang rapes, mass shootings, hate crimes, and other traumatic events saturate our news feeds. The virality of this content (spread by exponential behavior economics) elevates our fear of and disgust with our local, national and global communities. As our disconnection grows, our minds, hearts, and souls grow numb, leaving us even less available for intimate, vulnerable connections.

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Danny Boice Talks About Authenticity

Authentic and vulnerable connection — the kind that human beings crave and that helps individuals, families, and communities to thrive — becomes scarce in an environment of “fake news,” dishonesty, and easy access to violence. Deep connection ceases to exist when we succumb to the lazy interactions and impulsive thinking that dominate our online experience today.

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To facilitate deep connection, we need to share ourselves more authentically — more vulnerable — which requires intentionality. With intention, we can leverage the power of viral mechanics and network effects to shift the pendulum away from isolation, fear, and numbness and toward honesty, trust, and connection.

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Sharing our actual reality — the blotchy face, the kids screaming while on vacation, the words capturing our real degree of hardship or celebration — is vulnerable but powerful; Refusing to accept dishonesty and as usual, is vulnerable but powerful; Thinking before we share is vulnerable but powerful. All three require us to open our hearts, trust in humanity, and challenge the norm. Through our vulnerable, connection-facilitating words and actions, we can reverse the trend away from division and fear and toward connection and love.

Danny Boice Talks About His Business – Trustify

The Latin phrase lux in tenebris means “light in the darkness.” At Trustify, we strive to be a beacon of light in a world growing ever so dark. We view our mission, values, culture, and service, as our impetuous to share the vulnerable truth, no matter how scary. We talk a lot about “servant leadership” where we lead by example in breaking down illusions, promoting authenticity, and, in doing so, helping to cultivate a world in which trust and trustworthiness are the new normal.

If we all leveraged the potential and scale that technology presents but with proper intention, the pendulum of truth and trust could swing from the dark to the light.  The result in this illuminating being that the human condition to shifts to live and breathe truth, trust, and, most importantly, safe human connections.

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash