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Don Mazonas of Don Markets Limited pledges to donate $25,000 if …

Don MazonasDon Mazonas, CEO of Don Markets Limited, pledges to donate $25,000 to various charities of his choice if he manages to win SEO competition held by Wix.

The competition rules are simple but challenge is very hard. The rules state that if anyone manages to outrank Wix website for keyword “SEO Hero” within 4 months, the highest ranking website owner will receive a cheque of $50,000 from Wix.

It all sounds great but the challenge is yet to be overcome. Don’s website which was created just for this purpose only – will act as a living case study of how it can be achieved.

However, the difficulty lies in two factors – Wix website is very old and very powerful when it comes to SEO. One of the rules of competition is that the website participating in this competition must be registered on or after 16th of November, 2016. This puts all the participants in very huge disadvantage. It is always easier to rank a page on powerful domain name than a domain name which was just registered. Another rule is that the domain name must be fresh. Expired domain names will be disqualified from the competition.

SEO Hero competition is going to be tough if you consider the massive advantage that Wix has over the competitors. Not only that, in order to qualify for the big cash prize, website owners cannot participate in anything that violates the rules of Google. That means no participating in link schemes. That also means no SPAM or any automatically generated link strategies allowed. This is completely understandable. Using black hat techniques, it is easy to overtake even giant like Wix within a month or less. However, this competition requires complete white hat strategies that do not violate Google’s rules.

So, having such unfair disadvantage, why would anyone try to compete in this competition? First of all, $50,000 is not a small sum of cash. Anyone who participates will have a chance to prove that they are best at what they do best – SEO. Since most of link building strategies are not allowed here, it is a true challenge to outrank such a massively huge and powerful domain name like WIX. However, the challenge’s prize is huge and worth a try.

Winner of the competition will also be able to add such a big achievement to the portfolio or resume. Winning this competition would also act as a proof that the winner is actually true SEO professional! This would get attention of so many big companies and corporations, it would not be hard to pitch their services to such companies.

However, while $50,000 is big money, Don Mazonas, CEO of Don Markets Limited, pledges to donate half of the prize ($25,000) if he manages to win and receives the cheque. The charities will be announced soon. The plan is to donate either $1,000 to 25 charities or $5,000 to 5 charities.

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