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Doors Types

Doors is the first thing that people see when entering your house, it has to express you to the full extend. You may say, hey, what about the windows? Yes, this is true, but, for example, in Ottawa most people live in apartments, and there doors will be doubtless the first thing that you see when visiting your friends. So when you think of choosing the doors consider this choice very accurately and precisely. A Ottawa Doors Company also wants to remind you that doors exist not only at the front of your home, but also inside. They have to match your interior, which can differ from room to room. Also you might have struggles with doors, if your apartment in Ottawa is very small but the doors you liked are pretty big; in this case look for a compromise to satisfy both of your needs. Here Ottawa Doors’ experts aim to show you the variety of doors that you have to help you build the house of your dreams! Now let yourself out and get it involved into the creative process to find the best door solution which is not only looks perfect but is also practical.

Hinged doors

This is the most basic and common type of Ottawa garage doors. If you do not want to invent a wheel again, then you can choose this type, because it fits to any room in your house or apartment – from bathroom to the front door.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are very popular among people in Ottawa for their kitchens and bathrooms. Moreover, all Chinese restaurant if want to save the culture peculiarities also use these doors as doors for patio paces. They save a lot of space and so allow larger entryways more significantly than regular conventional hinged doors. Pocketed sliding garage doors are hidden in the walls.

Security screen doors

They offer you to add an extra security layer to your house’s front door. In summer time Ottawa inhabitants leave their front doors open but screen doors closed, this brings better house ventilation and prevents insects to get into the house. Screen doors are ideal type of doors for patio.

Stacker doors

If you have a patio or a swimming pool, this is the best option for you. Stacker doors will provide you massive openings, and let you, in fact, effectively open the entire wall!

French doors

This type was created to open up a very big space and make a free entry or exit. French doors can vary in size and materials they are made of. As a rule, they are used as doors for patio, backyard doors, but some rich homeowners, who have extremely big houses, may use them even inside of the house.

Tilt or roller doors

Both of these types are common for garages and sheds. They are very simple in construction, easy to operate, and most people in Ottawa choose these doors because they are cheap. If comparing tilt and roller doors, the former as a rule take up less space than the latter, and both are usually automated.

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