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Effective Email Marketing Tips for 2018

Is email marketing dead in 2018? Some might have predicted its demise, but those critics have likely come to realize email marketing is still alive and strong. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed, however. Over the years email marketing has grown and evolved, and it remains one of the best marketing tools you can have in your arsenal, but only when it’s done well.

“Email marketing is a way for you to obtain and keep your audience,” according to David Zheng, blogging for Wise Merchant.

So, what does effective email marketing look like in 2018? The following are some tips and consideration.

Personalization and Segmentation

If you take nothing else away from this article, take away the importance of personalization and segmentation in your email marketing. You want emails that are highly personalized and segmented so they feel highly relevant to the subscribers they reach.

You can start with a simple personalized greeting, which according to Marketo can offer an increase of six times the transaction rates.

Savvy marketers are not only personalizing email greetings but also their call to action.

As far as segmentation, there are many ways you can segment your subscriber list to make your marketing more effective. Some examples include by open and click-through-rates, as well as location, demographics, and where they are in the customer lifecycle.


There has been a huge global push for businesses to be more transparent in how they collect and use customer data. In some places including Europe, there have been laws and regulations passed recently that are fairly sweeping in their scope.

Be proactive here and improve the marketability of your emails by being transparent with your customers and also giving them plenty of options to opt-out. Let them know upfront exactly how you use their email information.

Know Your Goals

Knowing what your goals are with the emails you send out relates in many ways to segmentation. You might have different marketing objectives for different customers or subscribers on any given day. Before you send out an email, know what you’re trying to achieve.

For example, are you trying to drive fast sales by announcing something like a special pricing promotion, or are you trying to build a stronger relationship with existing companies? Are you creating a sense of authority by providing information? Define your goals clearly before all email communication you send out.

Utilize Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns aren’t a new concept, but they do still work well because they’re often also in line with personalization, segmentation and goal-oriented email marketing. A drip campaign can be set up in any number of ways.

One idea is to create drip campaigns based on certain behavioral triggers. For example, if you have a customer who requests a free piece of marketing content you’re offering, this might serve as a trigger for a drip campaign.

Finally, rely on automation as much as possible. There are so many sophisticated email automation tools and platforms that are available, and it’s important to find the best ways to optimize these tools.