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Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Alternative Health Tips to Manage Stress

Stress is a common problem experienced by most entrepreneurs. A study from UC Berkeley revealed that 72% of entrepreneurs surveyed experience some level of stress or worry. Most of the time, people have seen this as the nature of the game.
That was until Jody Sherman, the founder of Ecomom, took his own life. It started a debate as to how entrepreneurs should manage and treat stress.
We’re going to look at why entrepreneurs should embrace alternative health tips to manage stress.
Should You Pop a Pill?
Entrepreneurs who feel stressed think that they need to go to a doctor and get a prescription for stress, or self-medicate through smoking, alcohol, or even just an extra cup of coffee.
The issue with these self-treatment methods is they can lead to addiction. The opioid epidemic has led to 115 deaths per day across the country. And people suffering from opioid addiction come from all backgrounds.
Plus, these self-treatment strategies only tackle the symptoms. They don’t tackle the reasons why.
Where Does Stress Come From?
No entrepreneur is ever going to eliminate stress completely. No person can completely remove stress from their lives because unexpected events and complications happen.
However, entrepreneurs must alter their lifestyles, so they are limiting the causes of stress as much as they can. The answer for entrepreneurs is to embrace alternative health options that target the root causes of stress.
4 Alternative Health Tips for Managing Stress

  • Using Cannabis

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is becoming more accepted as more states begin to legalize it. Cannabis and cannabis-related products, such as CBD oil, can be incredibly effective.

The CEO of Intrinsic Hemp says, “Study after study demonstrates that using cannabis for stress-related purposes can have remarkable short-term and long-term effects. This applies to traditional cannabis smoked, cannabis edibles, and is especially true of our products which are comprised of ultra-pure premium CBD oil.”

  • Release Tension Through Exercise

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to become chained to their chairs. Help release tension through regular daily exercise. Invest in a walking desk and give yourself at least an hour per day to exercise.
Studies show that exercise makes people more effective at handling stress.

  • Energize Yourself with a Great Diet

Are you used to picking up a TV dinner or a burger from a fast food joint? Research shows that what you eat will influence your mood and, by implication, how you handle stress. Fresh food and vegetables are the key to staying energized and fortifying your mental state for the day ahead.

  • Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness training has become more popular in recent years. Acts of mindfulness may include yoga and meditation. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world have gone on the record as saying that they practice mindfulness training.
It makes it easier to reflect and to take note of the things that matter most.
Last Word – Change Your Life Today
Alternative health strategies target the causes of stress and the symptoms. Changing the way you live your life can do much more than any prescription from your family doctor.
Look into how you can live a healthier life and you’ll notice the stress benefits that come with it. And maybe try taking a vacation every so often!
Are you struggling to deal with stress as an entrepreneur?