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Family Wanderlust: 7 Road Trip Essentials for Little Travelers

You and your partner may have been each other’s traveling companions for years, but all of your usual road trip snacks and soundtracks are no longer sufficient, now that your little family has expended. Though cruising the highway with your little ones is nowhere near the same experience as wanderlusting on your own, there are ways of turning it into an escapade to last you a lifetime.  

From important safety issues to indispensable backseat fun, here’s what you need to equip your mobile home with before riding into the sunset with your adventure-seeking heirs.

1. Kiddie Potty


Every half an hour or so, and there is absolutely no doubt about it, your youngsters will demand a bathroom break. In a vast majority of cases, that demand will come screaming five minutes after you’ve already passed the pit stop, and miles away from the next one. In a kiddy world, this is a legitimate rule. If your little ones are still little enough to use it, a kiddie potty will solve all of your unnecessary headaches, so be sure to always bring one for the road.

2. Laceless Shoes


While on the inspiring topic of bathroom breaks, one thing you should never forget about are convenient shoes. Once you finally do find an appropriate place to stop by, your little ones will already be so impatient to run out of the car that lacing their shoes will seem simply impossible. Instead, a much practical solution is to find a slip-on shoe that comes and goes just as needed.

3. Blankies, Pillows & Loveys


Short-distance travels are for amateurs, which is something your enterprising family certainly is not. Still, driving for hours at a time means that, every once in a while, your Talking Heads mixtape will need to be hushed down in order to make room for the essential road trip nap. And, since all the bumps in the road cannot be avoided, your drowsy rascals will need something soft to guard their sleep. As long as you have a towel or two to shade the windows, a blanket to tuck them in and a lovey for them to cuddle with, rest assured that they will be sleeping like babies.

4. Safety Seat


Whatever the age and daredevil mastery, safety car seats are paramount for keeping your kids unharmed during long drives. There is, however, a science behind these parent’s little helpers – not every type of seat is suitable for any age, nor will your little one be comfortable in the first one you pick. Having the proper model to suit your youngsters’ needs is crucial for their well-being, which is why knowing how to choose a safety seat is a lesson every responsible parent has to learn.

5. Wet Wipes


Every experienced traveler understand the importance of having a pack of wet wipes always at hand, and you probably do too. Just in case, we must remind you that there isn’t a road trip without at least one spillage accident, especially when the kids are on board. In order to keep them clean, dry and happy, even if they are way past their diaper age, always double check to make sure you have a package in your car.

6. Bites


Whether you’re visiting grandma on the outskirts of the country or travelling to a galaxy far, far away, you can bet that your voracious little sweet-tooths will get hungry the same moment they get comfortable. Especially in case you’re exploring new, unfamiliar grounds, carrying easily storable, nutritious and tasty snacks is a must. Arm yourself with a lot of granola bars, high-fiber but low-sugar waffles, and wheat wraps filled with something wholesome and something green.

7. Entertainment


Sure, you can surprise your bored co-travelers with a tablet or a smartphone, but how about taking the special opportunity to spice it up a bit? Audiobooks are a brilliant choice for both parents and kids, given the fact that making them excited enough to read on their own will be quite impossible to do. Just in case your artsy experiment terribly fails, make sure to have a couple of toys in the backpack to keep them entertained.

The best of travelers don’t take trips, but allow trips to take them instead. Only when prepared, your semi-nomadic family will be spontaneous enough to break out of its comfort zone. It’s the only way of raising courageous, but sensible young people.