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Finding a Good Los Angeles Headshot Photographer

Kenneth Dolin will give you a great set of professional headshots, either for a personal event or as a part of your work portfolio? If so, you want to be certain that you are going to have a great experience that is properly priced for the services you receive. Although you may feel a bit overwhelmed due to the number of photographers in the city, there are some things that you can do to narrow down your list.

If you know someone who has used a photographer for a project similar to yours, you can ask for a recommendation. However, you should never hire anyone based on one opinion alone. However, it is a great way to begin your list of potential photographers. You can also use the Internet, local publications or ads in order to compile a list of at least four or five photographers that you are interested in.

Once you have done this, you should check the websites for each company on your list. Read about their policies, services and charges. You should be able to get a pretty good feel for their operation this way. If someone does not have a website, you should be leery of them. While not everyone advertises online, it is one way to help ensure the legitimacy of the business.

You will need to see if they provide the type of photographic services that you need. For instance, some professionals in the business only work in their studio while others prefer to go on location. A great photographer for headshots may never do weddings or similar events. You don’t want to waste time researching a business that will not be able to help you in the end.

With the list of headshot photographers that remain, check out their online reputations. This can be a bit challenging because you need to be certain that the reviews you are reading are legitimate. Do not rely on the ones posted on their own websites. Obviously they are going to delete negative remarks and promote the ones from satisfied customers.

You can search for each company along with the word “review” or “scam,” or even “legitimate.” You should find several URLs that lead to both personal blogs and regular consumer review sites. Check out a mixture and scan through the contents of the feedback. You may find that someone has a lower star rating due to customers that are dissatisfied with their lives and not the services received.

Contact the two or three that stood out in your research and find out if they are available at the time you need. Pay attention to how you are treated on the phone or in the messages. You want to hire someone who respects you and behaves professionally at all times.

Going through these steps will not take much of your time. However, it will help to ensure that you find a photographer who can satisfy your photographing needs now and in the future.

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