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Finding the Best Air Mattress

Finding a great air mattress these days has become easier with the option to shop online. You can still run into issues though because of the many options available. They key to finding the best air mattress for your needs is to know what kinds are currently receiving the best reviews over time. The newest types of air mattresses are not the same as you may remember from a decade ago. In fact, the air mattress quality has taken a serious turn for the better. The lower price point for top quality sleepers is also a great feature. Having to sleep on an air bed is no longer a dreaded experience and you can get a great night’s rest comparable to your regular bed at home.

The reasons to purchase an air mattress are as varied as the types you can find on the market today. They are great for those who don’t have the space for a guest room bed or need extra sleeping space for visitors. No longer do you have to put you’re in laws on a lumpy un comfortable couch bed or have guests sleeping on your bed while you camp out on the living room floor. Finding the perfect air mattress al depends on what you need it for. Is it going to be rarely used only for guests or do you need a longer term sleeping arrangement that’s easy to pack up and move around?

Comfort top air mattresses are the latest trend in air mattress quality. These air beds give the same feel as a traditional mattress with a soft top layer that is silent and cozy. Another new key feature you can go for are raised profile air mattresses. These are better for adults and give the same experience as sleeping in a regular bed. The thickness of an air mattress is important to providing the right amount of support while sleeping. Low profile air beds are also great if you need something quick and easy or for kids. You might not want the size of a fully raised profile air bed when camping or traveling.

It is important to consider the type of air pump and valve you need for buying a new air mattress. You don’t want the bed to drain totally in the middle of the night. Waking up on the floor is not the goal here. So finding a quality air control system is a must when it comes to getting the right air bed. Luckily beds that inflate quickly, deflate fast and completely are easier to find than ever before. Another concern is warranty and cost. You want to find a nice balance between the cost of a new air bed and the amount of warranty offered. You don’t want a short warranty and then run into major issues. So going to cheap may cost you more in the long run. The air mattresses of old had many problems with durability and also chances to be punctured. The latest generation of air beds is much more durable and can last for years.