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Free Psychic Consultation

Have you always wanted to ask a psychic a free question? Have you ever been able to consult a real psychic for free? If the answer to the aforementioned questions is no, then you must know that there are many real and experienced psychics that give a free initial consultation to their prospective clients, free of charge, without any obligation or commitment on the client’s part. However, there are a lot of scams as well and you need to watch out for wannabe psychic’s whose purpose is to get inside your wallet.

Beware of the Free Psychic Question Traps – Stay Away from These” Psychic Reading Experts”

When looking for a free psychic reading, watch out for these horrible online traps very carefully:

Free Psychic Question Scam: The sole purpose of the “psychic” is to steal your money by giving you a very generic answer for your “1 free psychic question”.  They then offer you a set of “upgraded services” to rip you off! Sometimes they even say really bad things about you and your family (such as a pending death!) to force you to pay for the overpriced readings. Don’t fall for this trap. Do your due diligence before you approach any psychic.

Unexperienced Psychics: This psychic is a beginner and wants to practice while charging you! When the price is too good to be true, especially with those live psychic readings, STAY AWAY! Keep in mind that a bad psychic needs to make a living too, and they do it by defrauding people like you.

Script Reader – Your Free Question Answered by Reading a Sheet: These psychic readers are NOT qualified psychics at all!  Instead they are just regular people like you and me who read generic text from a stack of scripts. They talk about generic crap like twin flames and soulmate signs. If you ever go to a consultation and you notice that the psychic keeps referencing his or her notes, just ask for a refund and leave!

How to Find a Good Psychic?

To start with, stay away from those free psychic online offers.  You will get charged MORE!  These are just sneaky tricks to get you to pay for whatever they want to charge! If you don’t believe so, go ahead and give it a try, you’re just going to get a crappy generic answer that is applicable to anyone.

If you are serious about getting the REAL answer for your psychic questions, here are a few valuable guidelines:

1. Always go with a reputable company instead of a no-name or individual.

2. Make sure that they offer a satisfaction or money back guarantee – you either get your money back or get free readings if you are not happy with your initial reading.

3. Take advantage of introductory offers but always look for review. This is critical: Good psychic reading by phone can be real, but they are few and far in between. The only way to find a real phone psychic is through personal referrals. You can also check out online forums, there are many active communities that can serve a cheap psychic to you on a gold platter. Go to forums with a lot of people and ask a trusted member for a referral. They can refer you to someone who has low introductory rates so that you can try with no worry.