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Fun Ideas For Eco-Lovers This Summer

After a long winter and dreary spring, summer is finally on the horizon and it’s time to get out into nature and show off a little! Grab a cork handbag to match both your summer dresses and cool, casual looks. Survey the landscape that is teeming with edible plants and flowers to add to your next fresh patio dish. And spruce up your abode with adorable little flashes of green.


Cork Handbags

The collection of luxury handbags, backpacks, wallets, and other accessories at Eve Cork is the intersection of timeless fashion and sustainable lifestyle. Cork is an amazingly versatile and functional material. When made into a textile, it appears like supple leather, but it’s more durable and 100% cruelty-free. It’s also lighter, waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean – it doesn’t require treatment to protect it! Their line is completely vegan because they use vegetable dyes to colour, vegan glues, and organic cotton for the liners.Because Eve Cork sells online, the wasteful expenses of the retail model are cut out, and they can provide premium products you can feel good about buying and showing off any season.


Summer Foraging

Foraging is looking for edible plants and herbs in the wild and in green spaces interspersed in urban landscapes. Look for young lemon balm leaves to make tea, infuse in vinegar, flavour chicken, or put in creamy mayo or soft cheese spreads. Oregano grows wild in dry grassland, woodland edges, and hedges. Dandelion roots make a nice tea and the flowers can decorate a salad. Foraging takes a bit of study and referencing to be sure you’re picking what you think you are and not something potentially dangerous. Bring a handy foraging guide along in your cork backpack! It feels good to get outside and collect a bounty from nature but be careful to not take more than you need to be truly sustainable and kind to the ecosystem.


Sweetie Succulents

Succulents are wonderful houseplants because they’re low maintenance, they last for a long time if you don’t completely neglect them, and they’re inexpensive. You can take cuttings from a larger plant or find young ones in the store and plant them in hand-crafted, itty-bitty planters, made from materials also from the earth.This article by A Beautiful Mess teaches you to make your own little clay pots (please make sure any glaze you use is free of synthetics). You can also repurpose wine corks to hold your baby succulents by drilling a hole in the cork, filling it with dirt, then sticking in the cutting. Multiple cork planters can be easily fastened in an array on your wall, by a window. These little guys will keep growing, so be sure to move them to bigger pots once they’re getting too big and replace them with new cuttings.


Good Tasting Water!

No matter what outdoor adventure you get up to this summer, you are going to need fresh, clean drinking water! While giving some a gift of water purification tablets may not seem overly exciting, they are extremely useful gifts that true adventures need to have. You can learn about the most popular water purification tablets and give a gift that any true eco-lover will truly appreciate!

Fun summer adventures outside await you. Bring a sustainably- and beautifully-made pack, collect some delicious, wild herbs, and use materials from the earth to house your adorable succulent friends.

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