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Great Tips to Help You Study and Get Better Grades

It can be difficult for some students and pupils to study, as they either lack motivation, have a short attention span, or they simply find the study materials boring, thereby making it difficult for you to understand and follow. Furthermore, if you wander off during your lectures, you probably have no recollection of what that lesson was about, and once again, you have troubles understanding the materials at home.

Well, fear not; these problems are not too serious, and a lot of students are experiencing the same thing. So, here are some tips you should definitely try out, to help you be more productive during your study sessions.

Record your lectures


If you have trouble following your lectures, then you can always record them. All you need to do is get a recording device and a seat in the front row. You can always tell your teacher that you have trouble following from where you are sitting at the moment and see if you can be relocated closer to the teacher’s desk.

Alternatively you can give the device to your classmates sitting in front, and ask them to turn it on. This can be against the rules, so make sure the recording device is concealed in a schoolbag for example, or just try to hide it in plain site.

If you have all of your lectures recorded it will be easier for you to learn at home, since your power of retention will grow if you have access to an audio feed. Plus there might be some things that are confusing in the course book that your professor explained better during the lecture.

Do your homework  

If you hate doing homework, do not worry, it’s not your fault. The current school system still needs to improve, and homework shouldn’t be viewed as an obligation, it needs to be an opportunity to test your knowledge, hone your skills, learn something new and get rewarded for it. However, this argument doesn’t absolve you of your duty, and your teacher is probably going to penalize you. So, you need to motivate yourself to do your homework.

You can create your own reward system, so whenever you finish homework, you can get a pizza or a chocolate or watch a movie etc. Also, you can make a promise to yourself that you are going to finish it, so simply do it not to let yourself down. In the event that you can’t complete your homework, try to ask for help from your peers. Your friend can come over, help you out and then you can have fun together.

Learning techniques


If the lessons is too hard for you to understand, even with the help of an audio recording of the lesson, then you can try to do the following. Segment the lessons into smaller parts, and think about which questions these parts offer. Basically, every part of the text needs to answer a particular question related to the lesson. So, you can write down these questions, and write your own answers, to see just how you fair. This is also great practice for the test.

Holistic learning

If you can master this technique, you will have a much easier time learning anything in the future. The whole point of holistic learning is to create connection between the topics and basically synergize the whole learning process.

Try to picture in your head some kind of an island, or islands made out of knowledge chunks and see if there is some connection between these islands. The more your knowledge on the particular topic grows, the easier it will be for you to find connection between different topics. In other words, whenever you are learning something new, you are trying to find the points that are compatible with your current knowledge.

These are some techniques you should definitely try; it doesn’t mean that all of these will work for you, but you need to give them a shot. Anything that turns out to be useful will certainly help you. As you can see, these are not serious problems and you can even find additional solutions onli