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Proper Lucky Bamboo Plant Care

Lucky bamboo has been a symbol of good fortune in Asian cultures for thousands of years. In recent times, companies like have become a popular wholesale plant provider. Besides lucky bamboo being a very beautiful plant, it is growing in popularity due to the fact that it is quite easy to grow.

Technically speaking, lucky bamboo is not actually bamboo. It belongs to the plant family of Dracaenas. It has also become quite popular since it can be potted into soil or grown in decorative bowls or planters filled with water and rocks.

Proper Lucky Bamboo Plant Care


Lucky bamboo plants thrive in nearly all areas of the home where other plants ordinarily donít survive. In nature, the plant grows in the shade of rainforest trees and thus has a preference for bright, indirect sunlight. If it receives too much direct sunlight its leaves turn brown while too little sunlight hampers the growth of the plant.


It is important to ensure that water is always present in the container where you have planted your lucky bamboo. Some people recommend changing the water regularly but as long as you use clean water, you never have to keep changing it constantly. If the water starts looking like its stagnating, you should change it and wash the container thoroughly.

Tap water contains chlorine and/or salt that can damage the leaves of the plants. It is better to either use spring water or leave the tap water in an open container for several hours to allow for the chlorine and/or salt to evaporate. To get more facts be sure to check Lifted Kulture’s Happy Go lucky Bamboo Review!!


Lucky bamboo prefers warm temperatures since it is a tropical plant. The plant thrives in temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit but it even does better in warmer temperatures. You only need to fertilize your lucky bamboo plant every 2 months with a very weak fertilizer solution. You can use several drops of aquarium plant food or a good quality plant food mixed to about a tenth of the amount recommended.

Soil Conditions

If you plan to grow your lucky bamboo in potting soil, you should keep it slightly moist but never soaking wet. You should never allow the soil to dry completely between watering periods. Even though the top soil might be dry, it could still be moist deeper in the soil. Always check the moisture level by sticking a finger. If you find the soil dry one inch below the surface, you should water your plant.

Interesting Facts

It may come at a surprise to you but it is believed that the number of stalks in your container has a meaning. Lucky bamboo is typically associated in luck in love but it can also bring luck in other areas too. 2 stalks are for love, 3 stalks are for happiness, 5 stalks are for wealth, and 6 are for health.

Final Thoughts

Lucky bamboo plant can be a wonderful addition to your home and life. Follow the instructions for proper lucky bamboo plant care discussed in this article for the best plant possible. Be sure to checkout the 2 tier plants here:

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