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Helpful Supplements For Long Days In The Office

What is Kratom? It is a tree that is found mostly in Southeast Asia. The people in the region would take its bitter leaves and chew it, smoke it, and even brew it. It purportedly contains opioid-like compounds and is taken as medicine for pain relief. It alters the mood and is also used as an aphrodisiac.

Kratom is actually a cousin of the coffee plant as it mostly grows in tropical climates. It then has become increasingly popular in the West since about 10 years ago. The leaves themselves come in strains of red, white, and green. The red-colored leaves are known to be a sedative with pain killing properties, while the white-colored leaves energize. The green leaves are a combination of both.

It is both sold in powder form and Kratom capsules.

Where Can I Buy Kratom?

• Smoke Shops Near You

You can usually find Kratom for sale at local smoke shops. These shops offer a variety of Kratom strains. They are sold in either powder or capsule form. However, there are some issues regarding authenticity nor guarantee as to the sources of the powder. Personnel in the shop would rarely be certified or authorized to reassure customers. They are mostly regular employees that cannot attest to the product.

• Specialized Stores Like Cannabis Store in Your Locality

These stores are likely to have Kratom available too. Incidentally, they are more dependable in terms of availability, although sourcing is still not guaranteed.

• Bars in Your Locality

Kratom may be available in bars located in big cities and beach locations. It goes along with beer and other alcoholic drinks that are being sold. They usually sell kratom in cold or hot drinks mixed with some other herbs. Again, authenticity is not guaranteed and they are only sold in single servings.

• Local Vape Shops

You would have to be wary of buying here because of unpackaged Kratom. Although many customers still purchase from such locations.

• Online

So far, the consensus among users is that the best place you can buy Kratom is online. You can basically do your research and make verifications as well as comparisons. When it comes to health and safety, online is the best place to go. Usually, it’s like buying directly from your supplier from the farm itself. As most legitimate sources would, they have their own e-commerce websites.

Kratom News

According to a survey conducted by the John Hopkins Medicine Website, the Herb Kratom may potentially contain therapeutic effects and possibly has a low risk for abuse or harm. This was a survey conducted by John Hopkins Medicine researchers among 2,700 self-reported users of the herbal supplement Kratom.

Purchases were mainly made online as well as in smoke shops around the U.S. Researchers then conclude and recommend that these findings show the need for more research and regulation on Kratom. They then advise not to outright prohibit the sales of this pseudo opioid supplement which has a surprisingly positive reputation.

How Kratom can help you

Because of its diverse nature, there are many different applications for this supplement. It’s main focus is to increase cognitive ability and help the user in tasks that require quicker or more frequent synaptic firing. In other words, it’s an accelerant and propels your body and mind to act faster through increased brain activity. This being said, here are a couple different ways Kratom can immediately affect your life for the better.


If you are struggling to stay awake, Kratom will help you. Regardless of position or timing in life, there’s seemingly always some kind of responsibility that requires your attention. If you’re a businessman, doctor, lawyer, or blue collar worker, you tend to work long hours and constantly be on the clock. Business men suffer from jet lag often when traveling but are expected to operate at their highest potential when leading seminars, think tanks, presentations, or misc. meetings.

If you find yourself lagging because of the amount of work you’ve already put in, or an extenuating circumstance that you have no control over, Kratom can help you operate at the best of your ability. Another key application here is that of students. Many students either at the collegiate level or in highschool try to balance social life, extracurriculars, good grades, and family matters and constantly feel that they’re failing. With Kratom, it’s easier to stay awake and push through tiredness in order to study and get the grades that you desire.

Kratom is commonly used as a caffeine substitute.

Many people who are addicted to Caffeine find it hard to wean off of the drug because they body and mind have become dependent on the extra help. Many of them suffer from intense headaches and migraines, sleepiness, muscle strain, and find it hard to focus when they begin cutting out the drug. Kratom works as a substitute for anyone trying to slowly come off of their caffeine addiction.

Because Kratom doesn’t have caffeine in it but also works as an accelerant the same way caffeine does, it will make the user feel physically better when they start decreasing their caffeine dosages. Above and beyond this, Kratom itself is not addictive, and when you’re done using this supplement for your desired cause, it’s easy to put away both physically and mentally until the next time you feel it’s necessary to use it.

Muscle building.

There are an increasing amount of pre-workout supplements that are coming to the market, but not many of them are organic. Lots of them are powdered drugs and chemicals that help you build muscle but not in a healthy manner. Kratom, because it’s completely organic, will give you energy in the gym, but in a completely safe way. Instead of pumping your body full of chemicals, Kratom as mentioned before increases brain activity which will in turn increase blood flow and give you more energy to work harder at the gym and build more muscle naturally.

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