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Here’s Why You Should Keep Track Of Your Employee Training Program

For a company to be successful, it needs a strong foundation. This foundation is based on skilled, well-trained and qualified employees working earnestly to achieve the company’s goals. A company must invest in making its employees well-trained by providing learning and development opportunities. Learning programs not only contribute to an employee’s career growth but also increase employee engagement and retention. 

A successful training program for providing employees the opportunity to learn new skills requires a lot of time, effort and money. At the same time, training without understanding its impact is futile. This makes it necessary to evaluate whether your employees are diligently participating in the training and are in compliance with all of their training. 

There are plenty of tools that can give insightful information about employee training progress. Take a Learning Management System(LMS), for example. A LMS is a revolutionary cloud-based platform that makes creating, hosting and managing training programs a cakewalk. Inquisiq is one such LMS that is a highly popular choice for executing training sessions. As per the Inquisiq reviews, it makes it easy to track employee progress with the help of an in-built metric system and provides valuable insights.

Here are 4 important reasons why you must track your employee training progress:

  1. To hone and retain employees:

One of the most prominent reasons for delivering training is to facilitate employee growth. Employees interested in growing in their career value such opportunities and are more likely to stay with an organization longer. If employees aren’t learning or growing, they won’t be contributing to the company goals which is not good for the business.

When employees are not interested in learning a new skill set or expanding their knowledge, they eventually start becoming disengaged. A disengaged employee is a liability and tracking training helps you identify such liabilities.

  1. To identify the effectiveness of the training content:

Employee training programs require a significant investment and effort from the company’s end. By tracking employee training, you can identify whether the training content is effective and capable of keeping employees engaged.

If it is not up to the mark, you can update your existing content based on the training metrics you receive from tracking the training. For instance, knowing that very few employees have been able to successfully complete a certain quiz in a course helps you understand that the course content was not educative enough.This allows you to redesign that particular course and provide a better learning experience. 

  1. To evaluate training completion:

Often employees are required to complete specific training modules to take up a certain role or responsibility within the organization. These modules could be focused on skills that are a must to excel in that particular role.

A modern LMS delivering training comes with in-built training tracking capabilities to allow easy tracking of course completion where managers can see individual employee progress. If any delays are noticed, the manager can warn them or help them in case they are facing any difficulties.

  1. To recognize and reward high-performing employees:

For any organization, it is necessary to spot talented individuals who are capable of handling management positions efficiently. Such high-potential employees can then be developed for leadership skills. Tracking employee training gives you a meaningful way to measure an employees’ success and identify potential leaders. 

Moreover, tracking and rewarding employees who successfully finish training goals is a good way to motivate them and sets a performance standard for other employees to achieve.  


When your employees keep abreast of industry standards by upskilling themselves, they become a valuable resource to the company. Knowing their progress in this process with an automated LMS assures you that you have a workforce that is ready to face and tackle any challenge.

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