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Hire The Right Inside Sales Rep For The Job

Many sales employers require their team to steer a prospective client or customer through the full sales cycle, meeting quotas while doing so, and all over the phone. These are known as inside sales representatives and will use prospecting and telemarketing as part of their overall strategy, converting leads into revenue. This usually also involves maintaining a strong rapport with clients and requires good communication skills, empathy, a good sense of urgency, and stamina as employees must treat every call with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm they did at the start of their work day.

An inside sales career is often extremely fast-paced and can at the best of times be challenging, and at the worst undeniably stressful. It’s imperative the sales reps your company hires are cut out for the demands of the job. It’s unfortunate then that the above essential personality traits are often difficult to pinpoint simply by browsing through an applicant’s resume or even conducting a series of interviews. A person’s true sales personality can be elusive, in many cases it is not until they’ve been in their position for a few months, failing to meet targets, that it becomes clear they’re not a good fit.

What’s frustrating is how common this theme is in the sales sector, causing managers to waste both their time and valuable company resources on hiring mistakes. Thankfully, there are ways to make the hiring process more transparent, like utilizing a sales personality test. These tests are available through providers like Sales Test Online and boast a 90% accuracy rate. They measure qualities like motivational style, emotional maturity and assertiveness, then a candidate’s results are compared against a benchmark profile created for the position. The provider does a thorough assessment of the position’s needs to help inform this ideal score; alternatively, companies can ask their top employees to take a mock test and use those custom results as the target.

Tests only take applicants about 10 minutes to complete, saving them time especially if they’re implemented before allowing them to apply for a sales position. If they’re unlikely to find success in it, they can move on to a different posting. The candidates that score high on the other hand can more quickly get on an employer’s radar; a company may even choose to only invite applicants to send in their credentials should they obtain a certain standing on the test. This way, the people they’re bringing on are more likely to be assets and work out in the long-term.

Working inside sales isn’t for everyone, but some employees truly flourish in it; find the ones that do by incorporating a sales personality test into your strategy. The results might even challenge your biases; you may be surprised to learn someone you weren’t even considering bringing on board could be the next team star. Allow a tool such as this to help you make a more informed hiring choices and alleviate risk once and for all.

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