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Home Decorating Ideas for Every Season

Many moms feel pressured to decorate their home for the seasons but don’t feel like they have the time or the budget to completely transform a room. After all, who is able to set out fall decorations or summer furniture every three or four months? With a few tips, we found that doing so is actually easier than it seems.

Instead of worrying about redecorating a room, focus on setting the right mood. If you can make a room feel like fall — with a scented candle and proper lighting — you can make guests feel as if they’ve set foot in an apple orchard or next to a cozy bonfire. For the lighting, check out some of the options offered by Christmas Lights Etc. Its amazing holiday strands can be used throughout the year to set the mood. Suddenly your holiday lights look like fireflies and set the tone for a summer barbecue — without Mom having to do anything!

Of course, if you do set out to find new decor for the season, remember to treat your living space like your wardrobe. Lighter materials, colors, and accent pieces should be set out during the spring and summer, while heavier materials and throw blankets are perfect for fall and winter. This will make your home feel like a beach house during the warmer months — instead of the other way around. These are just a few of our expert tips for the busy mom looking to revamp her home for the seasons. Soon your living space will be the place to be for all the kids on the block.


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