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HOME DIY: The Truth, The Setbacks and The Rewards

A home builder’s take on the DIY Bandwagon

Welcome to the age of Millennials, where everything you need, from home improvement, recipes and even relationship advice can be googled. It is the age where Pinterest and Instagram are synonymous to interior design treasure troves. Nowadays, modern home owners are all confident about the so called art of DIY and the concept of Interior designing are downloadable in easy to follow instructions that can be accessed right away. But is DIY method easy and practical as displayed on countless home websites and HGTV shows?

Well, it is yet to be determined.

The Truth

“There’s no right and wrong in interior designing”, says Melbourne interior designer David Hicks.

This statement is indeed proven by the countless design ideas, home websites and lifestyle sources. It is further emphasized by DIY culture, which has become the most popular option for home renovations.

It is easy to see why Home DIY have an appeal for the millennials, especially since this era is characterized by the Millennials ability to think everything’s possible. With our confidence and creativity partnered with technology, it resulted in practical suggestions and smart home improvement tips that is otherwise known as home hacks . Add the Instagram-worthy photos on the easy to follow instructions and home owners suddenly feel like interior designers.

So before you start your big Home DIY project, let’s take a look at the reality first. Remember, the photos you see in Instagram and pinterest are edited. They are designed that way to inspire you, and these photos are shoot by professional DIYers too, who have been practicing DIY for years. It is easy for them but it may not be that simple for you. Keep in mind that transforming your home, from traditional to contemporary, or from modern to rustic is not simply adding or changing furniture. It is easy to be awed by the aesthetic value and tend to forget the functional design.

Before embarking on DIY, focus first on planning, conceptualizing and finally finishing every decorative aspects of your interior space.  Do not depend solely on easy instructions on your DIY site, instead use that as an inspiration for your transitional home.

Another important aspect to consider is your budget. Most DIY sources do not emphasize the expense of the project, as DIYs are meant to be practical. It is indeed practical, that is if you have the right tools to start with. Home DIY is an overall project and you will be doing this all by yourself, so be ready too for possible remake should the outcome will not match your expectation. Remember you are learning along the way, and perfection comes with a price. Since you will focus on labor, let technology help you with savings tip. Avail of automated savings app, that are easy, fun and will record your project’s expense for reference.

Lastly, keep in mind too that DIY sources will not elaborate on skills needed to finish the project.  The step by step guide are written by interior designers and mostly veteran DIYers so the concept of “easy” may be different from yours. Assess your skills and your time, if you have both, add it with patience   and you can now be a Home DIY Builder.

The Setback

“ If you do interior design well, you can do anything” says Joelle Nesen, interior designer and founder of Portland-based firm Maison. For a home builder who is into DIY culture, this is both a challenge and an inspiration.

Achieving ultra-efficient homes is the dream of every home builder and today inspiration can be find everywhere. Taking the DIY approach is practical and rewarding as long as you are prepared to take potential drawbacks. There will always be risks involved, from attempting to reroute electrical to painting a piece of furniture. No matter how prepared you think you are, the truth is, by doing a project originally meant for interior designers who actually studied and perfected the art, re-doing your work or getting stuck is part of the DIY process.  This may be time consuming and frustrating. Then, next comes the budget. Is your costings accurate or you will end up spending more than hiring an interior designer?


Also keep in mind that not because you are practicing DIY, does not necessarily mean you have to literally do everything by yourself. The concept of DIY is to help you be practical by designing and making the project by yourself instead of hiring designers. It does not mean that you are encouraged not to appoint other help as well. Practice to surround yourself with great talents, as a home builder, you are advised it not encouraged to hire the best team and equipment  that can help you get things done.

On the other hand, overcoming the setbacks of your project will reflect the beauty of choice. The builder is free to add and choose the best elements of contemporary and traditional interior design ideas without being limited to the signature style of hired designer.

The Rewards

To finally see the transition of your old home interior to that remarkably designed contemporary home, that you start and finish is perhaps the most rewarding experience of all. Even if the styles you use are a collaboration of different home DIYs, it is unique- as you did this yourself. Never before will you appreciate the way the skylight brightens your living room or your den that is now a study and recreation room that you painted yourself.

Seeing yourself independently tackle a huge project can also boost your confidence. It does not matter if you hire help along the way, such as construction or moving team, the thing is, you monitor every step of the project along the way of course with a little help from time tracking apps and technology. After all this show Millennials get things done.

Now that you can envision  your home as transitional, thanks for the inspiration of spring ready designs from Don Garnder partnered with modern designing tips, Home DIY might be suitable for you.

In studying, incorporating, enjoying and enduring the experience you will gain as home builder, this DIY trend  is certain to bring you countless rewards and opportunities for home renovation in the future.

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