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Home Office Cleaning 101: How to Declutter Your Workspace and Conquer the Mess

One of the biggest enemies of every workspace is clutter. It can negatively influence your work and distract you from getting things done, so it’s important that you get rid of all the rubbish before you sit down at your desk and start working on your tasks. Since clutter is a major productivity killer, you will become much more efficient and productive by removing it, as a clean and organized workspace will help you focus on your every task and complete it quickly and easily.

Whether you only work weekends in your home office or you work there full time, the following tips will help you declutter your workspace quickly, but it’s essential that you follow them regularly. Otherwise, you will find yourself back at square one – buried in your mess once again. Before you know it, you will not only become disorganized and unproductive, but you may also start procrastinating, and you cannot afford that to happen, can you?

Without further ado, take a look at the simple tips from Super Cleaning Service Louisville that you should follow in order to always have a clean workspace that will maximize your productivity and motivate you to become a better worker.

Start from Scratch

Starting from scratch is really the best way to go when you want to create an organized workspace. Perhaps you have already tried doing it, but you ended up keeping every little thing, because you thought you might need it someday. That is exactly why you have clutter to begin with. You need to discard everything that doesn’t have a purpose in your office and everything that you don’t even use.

Remove all the papers and tools from your desk and put them in a box. If you use sticky notes as reminders and you have them all over the place, get rid of those as well. Empty your desk and your entire workspace completely and store everything in boxes, so that you can put back only the absolute necessities.

Evaluate What You Actually Need

Now that you’ve taken everything off your desk and out of your drawers and filing cabinets, it’s time to evaluate your home office items and find out which ones you actually need and which ones you should discard. If you are not sure about certain items, leave them in the box and, if you don’t use them at all after a couple of days, chances are you don’t actually need them.

Your workspace should be your mind fortress, so carefully go through every piece of paper, every tool and every other office supply in order to choose only the necessities that will help you streamline your work. Everything that’s left is a distraction that you should either toss or simply store somewhere outside your office.

Give Everything a Proper Place

Your decluttering process will be utterly pointless if you put the items you chose to keep back to where they used to be. Decluttering your home office is much more than simply throwing some things away and chucking back in those that you need to have on hand.

Therefore, in order to give your home office a good workflow, you need to find a proper place for each item. Place only those items that you frequently use on your desk, so that you can have instant access to them, instead of wasting your time on going about your office to grab this or that. Sort your papers, organize them in A-Z folders and store them in drawers or cabinets. The same goes for every other item that would be just a distraction if it stayed on your desk.

Decluttering your home office is really as simple as it seems. All you need to do is get rid of the mess that’s keeping you from being productive and finishing your work and create an inspiring zone where you will be able to shine your brightest.
Don’t forget that you need to do your rubbish removal frequently, so that you don’t end up drown in the mess again, not being able to get out from under your clutter. Make a commitment to clean up regularly, even if you do it only for five minutes a day – you can be sure that every minute counts and it will result in an enjoyable workspace that will make you absolutely love your work.