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How Adults Can Age Gracefully

Maintaining your fitness in old age is a challenging task but it is very important to stay fit especially in old age, for this, you might have to work hard but in order to stay healthy, it’s important to stay physically and mentally fit. An active lifestyle is essential in old age and routine exercises can prevent many diseases like cardiac problems, diabetes and different types of cancer. It also helps in reducing the pain associated with arthritis.

Regular exercise is very important for a healthy heart. In young age, people usually ignore fitness but still remain trim and energetic but as you grow older, you have to be very careful about absolutely everything whether it is your diet, sleep or the kind of clothes you wear. Your everyday lifestyle must be in a check if you want to age gracefully.

Staying physically fit is very important for the human body at every stage of life but in old age our joints become inflexible, muscles become stiff and they reduce and slow down our movement. Through regular workouts and a healthy lifestyle, we can strengthen our muscles and can obtain the required flexibility even in the old age. Maintaining a daily health regime and workout can improve your health and body physique no matter what your age is it is beneficial for all ages. If you are physically fit you can absolutely do everything no matter how many candles you’ve blown on your last birthday. Many women over the age 40 are still modeling and even taking part in Olympics. Below are some of the checkboxes that need to be ticked and that actually work.

Get a consultation with your doctor before starting!

The first and the foremost thing to do before starting any regime is to consult your doctor about your plans. It’s always better to consult the health care provider before performing any exercise. So the trainer or the physician will guide you whether you can do that exercise safely or not. You can also consult your physician on what type of exercise or physical activities you can perform according to your age and health.

Activities for you!

The type of activities in which older adults can participate depend upon many factors like age, health condition and special conditions like disabilities. Following are the few exercises that people aged 65 and above can perform on weekly basis in order to stay healthy.

Aerobic exercise: Moderate-intensity aerobic activity is good for older adults. They should perform this for at least 150 minutes throughout the week.

Muscle stretching exercise: Stretching exercise is good for older adults as it improves flexibility. Stretching exercise should be performed regularly it includes shoulder, upper arm, thigh and calf stretches. Muscle stretching exercise should be done 2 or more days a week.        

Diet check please!

In older adults, metabolism tends to slow down, which causes weight gain. It does mean that you won’t burn fat the way you used to, but that just means that you need to alter the way you eat. You will simply need a diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, fibers, proteins and lean meats. Older adults should consume almost 1800 calories daily. If you are trying to lose weight so you can reduce calories as per your goals.

In order to reduce 1 pound fat, you will have to eliminate 500 calories daily. You can do this by eating low-fat food. Don’t forget to check nutrition labels before consuming any food product. Once you establish your healthy diet routine, it’s very important to continue it on regular basis. By following a diet plan that is balanced with all their necessary components, a fit and healthy life awaits you.


Water is an essential component of our body. Water ends waste and provide support to tissues and cell structures and maintains the body temperature.  Water also helps in detoxifying the system. The risk of dehydration is higher in older adults because of age-related changes. The common signs and symptoms of dehydration include concentrated urine, increased heartbeats, dryness in the nose and mouth, dizziness and constipation. To prevent dehydration make sure that you are drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Fruit juices and soups are also a good source of eradicating water drought.

Take good care of your rest!

You need to make sure that whatever the circumstances, whatever the situation your rest isn’t compromised regardless of what happens. Studies have suggested that adults who get an 8-hour night sleep and an hour in the noon are more active than the ones aren’t getting it. The room in which you sleep the mattress you use and the pillow must all make you comfortable. There are some good quality mattresses available in the market with latest technology induction that relaxes your entire body while you’re asleep. Remember to read some tempurpedic mattress reviews before latching onto any of them but make sure the thing is entirely up to the mark because you aren’t changing it again and again.

Happy Aging!