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How business security camera systems prevent theft

Business owners know that part of being in retail involves protecting their inventory from theft. It is not just customers off the street who pose an issue, but employees, contractors, and delivery people. Basically, anyone who has access to your business poses a threat. While security guards are a good measure to deter shoplifting, nothing can replace a CCTV system for keeping thieves at bay and for providing a visible record in case there is a need to prosecute.


While some owners might implicitly trust employees with their inventory, there are no guarantees that even the most faithful, long-term worker will not have a moment of weakness when they decide to take advantage of their employer’s good nature. Police officers will testify how, on more than one occasion, a trusted employee was caught stealing from their employer, simply because they knew there was an opportunity to capitalize upon the company’s lack of security. Tools, inventory, office supplies, and even commodities like fuel, are all easy pickings for a thief on your payroll. However, once they realize they are being watched by a professional-grade CCTV system, you will notice a positive impact upon your bottom line as your company’s assets no longer mysteriously vanish.

Yet, knowing that a security system helps to ward off employee theft is one thing; finding the best CCTV system for your business is another. Next, we will discuss the basics of how to place your AVM or DVR system for maximum effectiveness.

Choosing a security system for your business

Whether you run a small restaurant, a manufacturing facility, a school, or a multinational corporation, your goal should be to monitor the most secure and vulnerable areas of your business. Cash points, entrances and exits, stockrooms, and break rooms are popular areas to keep an eye on as they hold the most potential for crimes. Theft prevention measures are needed throughout a business because criminals are quick to capitalize upon gaps in any system.


AVM systems (Advanced Video Management) allow business owners to avoid the tedious fast-forwarding through hours of irrelevant footage by letting them scan through an entire day’s events. This allows owners to hone in on peak hours for evidence of theft, physical altercations or sexual harassment, employees who arrive late and leave early or who take too many breaks. According to Platinum CCTV, There are a range of AVM systems to choose from (Analog CCTV, HD-SDI, and HD-IP) based upon need and budget.

Standalone DVR security systems are good for business owners who want a basic system that provides motion detection recording and the ability to monitor the cameras via a smartphone or PC.

For large, enterprise systems requiring up to 250 cameras, like those found in warehouses or manufacturing facilities, business owners can also use a SMART security system to receive alerts when someone enters a restricted or sensitive area and get text updates when pallets of inventory are moved from one place to another. This is invaluable data, especially when shipping bays might otherwise provide an opportunity for employees and/or carriers to engage in inventory theft.

Preventing losses in your business is your responsibility as an owner, and by having the right security camera system installed, you can ensure that nothing will escape your watchful eye.

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  1. Hi Mike, with the spate of robberies and thefts increasing considerably, it is imperative that modern day businesses use security cameras to protect their inventory and other valuable assets. Furthermore, a dependable indoor or outdoor surveillance system assures your insurance provider that you have taken necessary steps to protect your business from theft and burglaries. Keep sharing such useful information. 🙂

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