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How cloud based software can reduce your business costs

For years mobile phone networks held the reins when it came to price and feature options available on mobile phone plans. Networks would offer a certain amount of minutes, texts and data for a monthly fee over a period of around 12 or 24 months. However, with the rise of cloud based mobile phone applications the consumer is able to take back control of their phone usage and subsequently their spending. Though these apps are bad news for the big phone networks they’re undoubtedly beneficial to the public and could be good news for any small, large and expanding businesses too.

As recently as 5 years ago people were willing to pay a lot of money for phone bundles which included either limited or unlimited amounts of calls and SMS messages. But with the rise of FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger traditional phone calls are becoming obsolete meaning networks need to start lowering their prices to retain their customers. Why would anyone pay for a 100 free minutes when they can call any location in the world for free with the vast number of cloud based applications available. Consumers will simply not pay for a service they can get for free.

This same idea can be incorporated into any business and allow bosses and owners to save as much as consumers currently are. Whether your business has 4 or 4000 employees there are now legitimate options for running your business communications without using traditional phone networks. Skype and FaceTime, popular consumer examples of cloud based telecommunications, work in the exact same way as the larger scale software available for any business to upgrade to.

Hosted VoIP is the recommended cloud based technology for saving businesses money and propelling their software into a more high quality service.

“Our customers who enquire about Business Phone Systems often now opt for a Hosted VoIP system. It’s helpful to them because it’s a better product, at a lower price, and it’s great for us because our customers love it and there is a lot less maintenance on our side.” – Paul Conway PMC Telecom

Hosted VoIP systems conduct 100% of its calls over the internet instead of using the traditional hosted PBX systems and phone networks – saving the user any call charges. Particularly useful if you’re a frequent overseas caller or if you have offices abroad. VoIP to VoIP phone calls are completely free in the same way that Skype to Skype calls are however VoIP guarantees an HD voice quality that Skype cannot.

Because all the calls are internet based, staff don’t need to be sat by a landline to answer a particular phone call. Calls can be received via any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC for free with the same call quality across the spectrum of usable devices assuming you have a good internet connection. Hosted VoIP is installed using an existing internet structure such as 4G, fibre or WiFi meaning installation, setup and maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 90% and the disruption very limited.

Companies who keep up to date with the latest and most beneficial technologies are switching over to Hosted VoIP to reap the numerous rewards. However, rather alarmingly, data released by PMC Telecom revealed that 72% of Telecoms customers do not know what Hosted VoIP is.
In an attempt to help companies get the best from their telecoms solutions they have released a fantastic easy to follow infographic and short explanatory video for those still unaware of the benefits of switching to a Hosted VoIP solution.