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How Has Technology Improved Vehicle Security on the Road?

As all gear-heads know, we have seen a lot of new car technologies emerge in the past couple of decades, and while it’s easy to get excited about powerful engines and comfortable rides, road safety has increased significantly as well. In this article we will be looking at a few of the biggest innovations that help millions of people stay safe on the road.

The ABS system


This is one of the systems responsible for the highest reduction in car accidents all over the world. The technology was first developed for airline companies and has gradually become a part of all vehicles produced around the globe. The system was created to help the driver brake more easily, without using various techniques for different road conditions.

The system is connected to the brakes on all four wheels and it greatly increases handling capabilities in emergency braking situations. Judging from all the experiments and research, the conclusion is that this system tremendously reduces the braking distance, while keeping the car’s stability intact. According to a study published by the Australian Monash University, the ABS system is responsible for reducing the risk of a car accident by 18%.

The system reduces the risk of sliding off the road by an incredible 35%. When the system has activated you can recognize it as strong vibrations coming from the brake pedal as you press it down. The system is being further developed even today, to maximize safety levels and further reduce the number of accidents.

The ESC system

The electronic stability control system is responsible for helping the driver in emergency situations. The system constantly monitors the speed of all four wheels. In case you lose control, the system can reduce the speed of a single wheel or several wheels in order to put the vehicle back on the driver’s intended path. In some cases, the system can lower the power of the engine to passively reduce the speed.

The only problem is that some drivers believe that this system can help them get out of any sort of dangerous situation, which is impossible. Therefore, big car companies have created a warning – an indicator that flashes whenever the system is activated, in order to warn the driver to drive less aggressively.

International studies, which were confirmed by the NHTSA in the United States, indicate that ESC reduces the number of crashes by an astonishing 35% and that the SUVs that are equipped with the system are engaged in 67% less accidents in comparison to SUVs not equipped with the system. These numbers are so high because the ESC system significantly reduces the possibility of a rollover. These results are incredible and prove how much technology has increased the safety of car passengers around the globe.

Custom parts and minor technologies


The above-mentioned technologies are have the biggest influence on the driver’s safety. However, there are also those minor ones, which passively assure the driver that everything is in order with their vehicle. A very important part of the vehicle is the suspension system, which is responsible for the stability of your car on different types of surfaces.

The majority of vehicles come with a good suspension system, however as parts should be changed every few years, numerous custom part creators use advanced technologies in creating custom suspension systems that greatly improve the stability of a car and ensure a much smoother ride. Another crucial element of a car’s safety on the road are the tires. A lot of advanced systems that constantly measure the tire’s air pressure are slowly becoming a standard part of every vehicle’s basic gear kit.

A light on the dashboard is responsible for warning you about your vehicle’s tire pressure and whether the tires are underinflated or overinflated. This prolongs the tire’s durability, improves fuel economy and tremendously increases safety as a great percentage of accidents occur when a tire blows out.
These are interesting technology elements that greatly increase the safety of car drivers and passengers around the world. There are more systems dedicated to the safety of people operating vehicles, however these are the ones that have helped increase car safety the most in the past couple of decades.

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