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How To Stop Smoking Weed And Turn Your Life Around

The increase in legal marijuana has left many wondering how stop smoking weed once they have started. The abundance of the plant and subsequent attention that has been brought due to the changing laws can make it challenging, particularly for those who live in legal pot states. However, if you do not want to be captive to your addiction to weed, you can break free.

Although many people will argue that marijuana is not addictive, there are components that regular smokers crave when they have been without for a while. This psychological addiction can be just as challenging as the physical addiction of other drugs.

If you are serious about quitting, you will need to limit the amount of time you spend with people who do smoke. You can make arrangements to meet with your friends after they have smoked a joint or find another activity to do so that you will not be tempted.

Remember that the majority of human behavior is automatic. This is why it is so easy for people to return to destructive habits so quickly at times. Whether it is overeating, heroin or a blunt, you will automatically behave in a familiar way. Avoiding those who are smoking keeps you from accidentally taking a bong hit out of habit.

Another good tip for how stop smoking weed is to find other activities to do. Hobbies that involve the hands are great because it will keep you busy. Consider taking up a craft, writing a book or even chopping wood. Especially during the early days, it is a good idea to keep your mind and body occupied.

Avoid alcohol while you are quitting, and possibly even afterwards. Alcohol inhibits judgement after a drink or two. You will find it more difficult to refuse weed if you are already buzzed from a beer or mixed drink. If you are going to drink, try to avoid doing so when weed is around.

As your body is clearing the THC from your system, you should drink plenty of water to flush it more rapidly. Drink several cups each day, so that your urine is a pale yellow. This is an excellent habit that you may want to continue even after you have cleared the pot from your body.

Fresh fruits and vegetables will also help during the detoxification period. The vitamins and minerals will help your body to heal at the cellular level and to purge toxins more easily. Try to eat some of each color of the rainbow each week, with a primary focus on green.

Let the people around you know of your intent to quit smoking weed. If someone is not supportive of your desire to live a weed-free life, you should avoid that person while you are detoxing, and maybe even afterwards. Ask your friends to tell you when they notice you slipping into old patterns.

You can quit smoking marijuana and reclaim your life using these tips as a starting point.