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How to be a Responsible Driver and Pass Your Driving Test the First Time

Although getting your first car is really exciting, you won’t be able to take it for a spin unless you get your driver’s license. Being a responsible driver means taking responsibility for your actions and acknowledging the rules of the open road. Driving a car is not playing with a toy, but operating a serious piece of machinery with caution.

More than 50% of all people fail their driver’s test the first time simply because they didn’t take the time to prepare. Being nervous is just an excuse for not practicing the rules of the road and learning the written part of the DMV test. Retaking the test depends on the state you are in and your local Department of Motor Vehicles. There are a few helpful tips to avoid failing multiple times and to get your license the first time around.

Driver’s Manual

First thing’s first – get a hold of the driver’s guide. In it, you will find all there is to know about the tests. Every state has its own guide to follow, so before you go to take the official test, get informed about the speeding limits and the rules of the road. The percentage of correct answers for passing the test is 80%, so test your knowledge and review the pages you are insecure about.

If your test date is coming soon, start studying at least four weeks ahead. Make a plan and divide your time for studying a few hours a day. This way, you will retain the essential information more easily and gain a better understanding of the rules.

It goes without saying – avoid studying on the day of the exam. Occupy your mind with different things and rest the night before. Sleep for at least seven hours to give your mind and body time to relax and refresh.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you go to your scheduled test, take advantage of the free DMV practice test for drivers all around the country. Practice what you have learned so far and get familiar with everything you are not 100% sure about. Take the test as many times as needed, until you feel ready and confident. Regarding the actual driving part, find a good driving partner for securing the overall safety and getting the required feedback. An honest opinion from a trustee will help, educate, and prepare you for the upcoming drive with an instructor.

Also, it is favorable to find an empty, large parking space, to practice your skills behind the wheel. You can even set your own obstacles like the ones that will be waiting for you on the exam. If, by any chance, your family and friends aren’t able to help you, consider using professional services to improve your driving abilities.

Respect the Laws

To be capable to actually go through the driver’s test, you must know the laws, not only about driving, but also about car maintenance. Your vehicle should be prepared for the ride just like you. This includes easy access to the car’s registration and insurance, good tires, functioning lights and windshield wipers, as well as all the necessary car instruments and, also, a full tank. When you step into the automobile, adjust the seat to fit you body. Your feet should reach the pedals properly without any struggles.

Don’t Give Up

The truth is that taking a driver’s test for the first time is fairly nerve-racking. It is not easy when you have an observer who quietly sits and judges your talents. Keep in mind that you will pass eventually, so don’t put so much pressure on yourself, or you can get anxious and freeze up. Instead of thinking about your nerves, acknowledge your anxiety and focus on what is in front of you. If you make a mistake along the way, don’t give up right away, yet carry on and concentrate on your job. Show them that you are paying attention to your surroundings by frequently looking in your mirror and turning your head left and right.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is absolutely acceptable to stop the car and consult your instructor. If you have any uncertainties, it is better to ask than to try and improvise. The most important thing is your safety, so don’t risk it only because of your fear of failing.
Remember to apply these steps for gaining a deeper understanding of the rules and questions on the test. After you complete these essentials, you will get your driver’s license. Try to schedule the test early in the morning, to take full advantage of your energy levels. Don’t just assume that you will pass if you didn’t prepare at least a month before the exam. Take someone with you to help relieve your nerves and dress nicely for your driver’s license photo.