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How To Choose The Right Fine Art Shipping Company

Fine art is very valuable and expensive and it requires a great deal of professionalism and discretion to work with such expensive artwork. Arrow Express Fine Art Shipping Services have done this for years.

They said, “If you deal in fine art you probably spend a lot of resources to secure it and you do everything possible to make sure that it is transported without incident to its final destination.

In many cases, fine art has to be transported across thousands of miles under less than ideal conditions. We specialize in making this happen.

Given the sensitivity of fine art, it is important to choose the right company to help you transport it.

After you have spent thousands of dollars securing your art you should not start cutting costs when it comes to shipping.

You should find a fine art shipping company with the equipment required to transport it as well as the human resource and logistics required to ship your art successfully.

Fine art shipping companies are many and making your decision can be challenging. Luckily, you are reading this and will learn how to choose the right company.

Here are some important considerations when choosing a fine art shipping company.

1. Transport Fleet

A good fine art shipping service should have a good fleet as well as the right transportation method to meet your needs. A reputable and trustworthy company should have a decent fleet equipped with advanced technology. This can include vehicles with satellite tracking, fire suppression systems, and even alarm systems. The fleet should also have sensors and communication systems linking back to the headquarters.

2. Security

Depending on where you are transporting the artwork and the type of artwork, the shipping company should have sufficient security measures in place to ensure safe transportation. Sensors, alarm systems, and security personnel are some of the security measures that a good shipping company should have. Depending on the company, additional security measures may cost you more. You should always find out the security measures the company has put in place to ensure safe transportation of your art.

3. Workforce

A good company should also have a properly trained workforce besides having good security measures in place and a good fleet. The employees of the shipping company should have proper training in handling sensitive and expensive works of art. Poorly trained and inexperienced employees can easily mishandle the art causing expensive damages. Always find out how much training experienced the company’s workforce has before making your decision.

4. Insurance

When transporting such expensive works or art it is important to get the right insurance. Insurance coverage is important to help you have the peace of mind knowing that you are covered if anything were to happen to the artwork during transportation. While it is typically your responsibility to get independent insurance for the artwork, you should choose a company that provides insurance coverage and a guarantee for the art being transported.

5. Speed

When choosing a fine art shipping service, you should always remember that the longer the art is in transit the higher the probability of damage. You should use a shipping company that offers express shipping to reduce handling and transit times. Typical ground transportation takes an average of 5 business days. It is also advisable to do your fine art shipping early in the week to ensure that your artwork does not sit in the warehouse over the weekend.

Final Thoughts

Fine art is very sensitive and expensive and the utmost discretion should be observed when transporting it. If you deal in or have purchased fine art and would like it transported, you should follow the tips discussed here to ensure that it arrives safely and quickly.