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How to Deal with an Arrest With Your Employer

Finding and getting a dream job can all be derailed by one mistake. A number of professionals struggle with the decision of whether or not to tell their employer about their arrest. The most important factor to remember is that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Certain job roles are going to be far more reactive to an arrest than others. Depending on what you were arrested for, this might not even be a huge deal. Reckless driving is a charge that many employers overlook due to a number of people receiving these when they are young. The following are tips to help you deal with your arrest when it comes to your employer.

Don’t Wait to Tell Them

There are people that are going to tell their employer no matter what that they were arrested. Doing this within a few days of being arrested is wise. The last thing you want if you are telling your employer is them to find out in some manner on their own. Scheduling a meeting with a direct manager would be wisest as they might decide to keep your arrest under wraps. Asking others in the office if anyone has been arrested is another option as automatic termination will make you rethink your decision to reveal this information.

Find an Experience Criminal Defense Attorney

Regardless if you are going to tell your employer or not, you need to invest in an experienced criminal defense attorney. You might have had a friend in a similar situation that had charges dropped due to their lawyer’s competence. Finding an attorney that is respected in the local community can lead prosecutors to try to make a plea deal regardless of evidence. A number of these lawyers also can help you in terms of getting help that you need if struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. A criminal defense attorney will provide peace of mind as your freedom could be on the line.

Pros and Cons of Not Telling Your Employer

Not telling your employer is the option that a number of people will take. In states where there are no mugshot photos shared online, a person at your company will have to be searching if you were arrested. The best-case scenario is you do not tell your employer and your attorney assists you in getting all charges dropped. Worst-case scenario is that your employer finds out and terminates you as soon as you are convicted. Your peace of mind can be impacted by not telling your employer as you will always wonder if they will find out. If you did great work at the company, not telling them about the arrest could impact your ability to get a reference. Most managers will be fine with a minor arrest unless it has caused the company to be seen in negatively.

Being arrested is stressful enough without thinking about telling your job. Take the time to consider what choice would be best for you in your current circumstance.

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