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How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Channels

In this day and age, more and more people are opting to purchase from online channels such as e-commerce websites, Facebook marketplace, Instagram brand pages, Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, and many more platforms. With the many and continuously increasing options, does your brand have what it takes to actually stand out from the rest? Well, you do not have anything to worry about because it is actually just a matter of pushing the right online marketing strategy for your business to blossom. One of the most effective ways to drive and boost traffic to your online channels is through search engine marketing. When you want to look for a place to buy a specific item or a place to have dinner, you go to your favourite search engine and scroll through the results, right? Do you go through any of the links provided in the results page 3 and up? You do not, right? That is the power of search engine marketing. It gives your website or your link the chance to be in the first top three pages of a search result. In simple terms, it allows for your link to have better visibility and a greater online presence that more people would likely click on the link to view it.

Earning vs Buying Traffic

There are actually two ways in which you could squeeze out the potential of search engines. One is through search engine optimisation (SEO) which is free, and second is through search engine marketing (SEM) which comes with a price. Now, it seems like SEO is a better route to go through right, most especially because it is free but free does not always guarantee results in the end. SEO may be a free marketing strategy to implement but it does not mean that it does not come with a value or a cost. Of course it does. There is value and cost to creating (great!) content that would be able to earn you the traffic that your website deserves. It may come with a great price in the end because it may take you a longer time and so much content before you could actually bring good traffic in. On the other hand, with SEM, there is an upfront cost that you would have to pay, but that cost would immediately equate to an increase in traffic right from the start.

Online Traffic Worth Every Penny

Getting a good digital solutions agency that would give you the lowest Cost-Per-Click (CPC) value for your business would really do your business and online channels good. You can work with your preferred budget per month for you to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in ads to keep your link on top of search engine results. The conversion to actual traffic to your online channels would solely rely on the effectiveness of the content, keywords chosen, and ads bided. You should get a trusted agency so that your CPC would still be relatively low despite having high conversion and quick yields to boost your business. Money spent for SEM strategies should be worth every pence of your hard earned capital, after all.

Visible Results with Data

With traditional out of home marketing strategies such as billboards or print ads, it would be very hard to quantitate the actual traffic it brings to your store front or to your other channels even if it is online. It would require so much work and monitoring to actually have significant and 100% accurate data to prove and back-up the results and the effectiveness of such strategies, which eventually would also cost your businesses a lot of miscellaneous expenses. With search engine marketing strategies, you would be able to gather data with so much because all of the traffic and organic clicks will be accounted for and measured. What more if you have an agency do all of the work for you, of course there would also be an added in-depth report at the end of each month that would help you see if this type of marketing strategy is actually paying off in boosting your sales and building your brand up.

Building a Consistent Branding Through Great Content

In optimising search engine marketing strategies, you would also be able to focus on continuously creating great content so that your brand identity would remain consistent throughout all of your online channels, whether if it is your e-commerce website or social media platforms. Content plays a great role in getting your money’s worth for every pence you spend on search engine marketing. The greater your content, the higher the chances that it would remain in the top pages of search engine results. With consistent and well-though of content, you are not only taking advantage of your paid search engine marketing outlets, but as well as search engine optimization techniques. Combining the two to drive traffic to your online channels would guarantee positive results, especially if you do it properly.