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How to Improve Donor Retention Using Email Marketing

Nonprofit organizations exist because of charitable souls who believe in their cause. Without their support in the form of donations, it won’t be possible to fulfill their mission. This is why a concrete donor retention strategy is a must to keep their support or even increase it.

This is where nonprofit organizations should learn from email marketers. Using the same technology and strategy, nonprofit organizations can show the value of their support, which can help build longer and stronger relationships.

If you are a part of a nonprofit organization, here are some of the best practices you can implement to retain donors and raise more funds:

Leverage your Email Marketing Automation Software

Keeping donors invested in what you do requires constant and effective communication, and the modern features of an email marketing software can provide this through targeted emails.

You can maximize the personal data of your donors to understand what interests and motivates them. Segmenting donors based on these interests and motivations can guide your future emails campaigns and donor retention strategies.

For instance, new donors can be sent with emails containing more information about your history and cause so that they would know more about you. On the other hand, long-time donors should get more news and updates as well as opportunities to extend their support.

Email marketing automation software can also show you which email campaigns bring more donations and donor engagement. This way, you can continue those that worked well and improve the ones with poor performance.

Create Donor-Centric Emails

When keeping in touch with donors, you must remember that it shouldn’t be about you but them. Therefore, the way messages are written matters.

Using “You” instead of “We” in communication makes it about the donors instead of the organization. In short, you shouldn’t be talking about the things you achieved as a nonprofit organization. Talk about how they helped you accomplish your goals. With this, donors would feel more connected to your cause.

You can also take advantage of the personalization feature of your email marketing automation software. For instance, addressing donors with their first name gives your messages a more personal touch.

Keep Donors in the Loop

It’s important to update donors about how funds are being used and make them be part of every step.

Simple things like sending email updates on outreach efforts can help them realize where their donations are going. Attaching event photos and videos in emails can help them visualize the activities that had happened.

You can also use emails to invite donors to fundraising events, outreach activities and immersions so that they can witness and experience these themselves. It’s a great chance to build a community of active donors, which can strengthen their engagement with the organization and support to your initiatives.

Share past initiatives and results

Being transparent to donors is another great way to show that they are important to you. By showing them the results of your outreach activities and funds raised through events, donors will realize how their support helps in creating positive changes into the lives of others.

Meanwhile, reminiscing past initiatives can remind them the value of their past contributions and inspire them to continue the support.

Place a call-to-action

Every email you send must have a goal – whether to ask for donations, sign up for a fundraising event or join an outreach activity. This goal should be clear to customers when they read the emails so that they take your desired action. Hence, have a clear call-to-action message.

When creating a CTA, be sure to make it catchy by using a contrasting color and a compelling copy.

Always say “thank you”

Expressing gratitude to donors can be as simple as sending them a ‘thank you’ email. Say thank you when they send a contribution. Thank them for every successful project implemented. You can always find reasons to show appreciation. It shouldn’t be hard to do.

Thanking donors every time the organization achieves something – whether big or small – can make them feel that their contribution is being valued and appreciated.

You and your nonprofit organization can learn a lot from email marketers when it comes to retaining donors and raising funds for outreach projects. Constant communication matters and this is what email marketing automation can offer you.

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