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How to Improve Your Team’s Collaboration

A vast majority of businesses are based on teamwork, i.e. people working together towards achieving the same goal. A number of team members simply engaging in the same task isn’t enough, however. Successful teamwork includes planning, as well as cooperation. Optimizing each person’s skills is the proper way to engage in this group effort, but businesses often overlook it, which leads to a decreased efficiency. Here are some ideas on how to improve your team’s collaboration.


Setting expectations at the very beginning is essential for a fruitful collaboration with your team. Everyone needs to be familiarized with their exact role, as well as the deadlines. Additionally, they need to know the exact part of a particular project they are in charge of and where to find the support and resources. Delivering all this to employees is the leader’s job – connecting with team’s goals and devising a strategic plan, as it is the backbone of every company. Individual expectations should be aligned with the shared expectations of the team. Program metrics and timelines should also be established, and progress updates are to be shared in order to make everyone included in the project know when things are accomplished, and of the progress in general.


The best way for a team to achieve the highest level of efficiency is by being motivated. Motivation comes from actually loving what you do and caring about the ongoing project. A team leader needs to inspire and bring in energy into a conference room or conversation, thus making every team member feel valued and respected. A job well done should be sincerely appreciated and the entire team notified of each individual success. This will encourage everyone to focus on achieving their goals, which will boost collaboration and, hence result in a successful project completion.

Use Technology

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Modern ways of doing business have forever been changed by numerous technological advancements. Using a cloud-based platform goes without saying, but what are the reasons behind this? Well, apart from providing an easy-to-use virtual environment for sharing files, utilizing cloud services means exercising as much efficiency in a long-distance team communication as possible. For example, instead of delivering files via email to every team member individually, uploading them to a cloud platform makes everything perpetually available in one secure place. Additionally, using project management software shouldn’t be overlooked, as these applications help boost cooperation.

Keep an Open Mind

Brilliant ideas often come from the unexpected, and you never know what they might bring to the table – every great team leader knows this. In addition to this, however, open-mindedness helps create an atmosphere of trust in a team – everyone gets their say and each idea is treated equally; there should be no place for favoritism, since you are working with a team, not towards grooming a single employee. Nevertheless, this practice works both ways – in terms of ideas and in terms of critique. In a comfortable working environment, employees will have no problem voicing concerns and making suggestions. Therefore, prepare yourself for new ideas, as well as thoughtful critique. You are bound to empower your entire team and contribute to faster problem-solving, greater trust, healthier teamwork and improved performance, in general.

Improving your team’s collaboration is essential for making things work within a business. Each team member will have an idea and picking the good ones isn’t entirely on you, as a leader. Each team member should be comfortable with giving their suggestions and delivering critique to the existing ones. Your entire team is responsible for your project’s success.