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How to Increase Job Security at Your Company

Finding a job can be hard enough especially if you don’t have much experience in a certain field. Once you have that job you will want to make sure that you are going to keep it. Job security can give an employee peace of mind that is unrivaled for many.

Knowing that you have and will have a job for the coming months/years is something that people can build a future around. Those who do not have job security could be hesitant to make a big purchase like a home or be worried to put a down payment on an engagement ring.

Job security is something that you can work on though by being proactive. The following are a few of the things you can do to help make sure you don’t have to worry about keeping your job.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Business is all about the money that you bring in or job that you do. If you constantly are the top performer in your department you can assure yourself that your job is quite safe. Upper management will never support getting rid of one of the highest producing employees unless there is a character issue.

Some employees just shoot for the middle as they feel like this gives them a form of job security as the lowest producers will be terminated first. Instead you should ensure that in the case of budget cuts that you are nowhere near the middle when it comes to profitability so you can have security even in the most extreme of cases. Do not forget to write down numbers and bring them in during performance reviews as these can be great bargaining chips for a raise.

Go Back To School

Going back to school does not mean that you will have to give up your job. There are plenty of online degree programs that include degrees like your MBA or a nursing degree. Furthering your education can do a variety of things including open up positions that have educational requirements. Your employer will view going back to school as a positive as employers want employees that are constantly developing rather than staying stagnant.

Even if this degree does not garner you a promotion, it will get the attention of management that you were willing to improve yourself for the company. At times if the degree directly impacts a job, the company will pay for the education as long as you promise to work for them for a certain amount of time. If your company is willing to do this then job security is yours for the near future.

Learn New Skills

Learning new skills can allow you to change positions or even departments. Someone working at a content production company as a writer might take some classes on graphic design. An employee that can produce written content as well as infographics is far more valuable than a person who can just do one of these things.

With new learned skills you might not be offered a promotion but a lateral move can be a possibility. Lateral moves are perfect for people who see their department/job dying and want to go to a department with a better future.

Brand Yourself as a Model Employee

A personal brand is quite important in a professional setting and many things that you do can impact that brand. Someone who is constantly late or their work is sloppy is building a brand that they might not be able to overcome. It will be a slow process to build your brand as it will take many months of contributing quality work, being punctual, and being positive in the office.

A few missteps can ruin a professional brand so it is important to take each bit of work you do personally as it can impact the way everyone in the office views you.

Job security is something that is genuinely appreciated by many in the workforce. Increase your job security by trying some or all of the above as the peace of mind it will be is priceless. Make sure that you secure your job for years to come by taking initiative and making yourself irreplaceable to the company. Secure your job and secure your future!