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How To Keep Your Employees Engaged In The Company’s Life

A good salary is not enough to keep your employees happy and motivated, and without happy and motivated employees you can’t really run a truly successful business.

Every good leader should know how to engage workers not only in their job but in the company’s life in general. If you want their engagement, you need to make sure that it’s not just a job for them, to help them feel like they belong and contribute.

When you’re in any managerial position, the first step to success is getting to know your employees – their plans, expectations, needs, and worries. Only then you can start engaging them in the company’s life and building its future.

Know the people you work with

Even if you don’t work with your employees on a daily basis, it’s good to know who you’re working with. You may uncover some hidden potential and talents, or maybe some of your workers’ concerns or plans can be linked to those of the company.

Learn about their families and personal goals, share yours with them. Don’t let every conversation be about work, deadlines, and responsibilities; talk about their families and hobbies.

A little bit of personal touch can make your employees feel noticed and it will help them build a bond with you and your brand.

Provide them with all the necessary tools

There are some daunting tasks that devour a large portion of people’s time at the office but are still absolutely necessary. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t improve it and reduce the amount of wasted time.

Don’t let your employees get frustrated when there are numerous apps and types of software that can automate some processes.

FaxBurner may help you reduce stress linked to one of the most hated tasks in the office – faxing documents – while Slack can smooth your communication at work making it easier to answer sometimes important and time-sensible questions.

Plus, don’t forget about regular training to know that your employees have everything they need, including skills.

Make sure that they know their job inside and out, that they are comfortable with the software you’re using and they don’t spend hours trying to figure out what they have to do.

Be transparent

First of all, employees should always know how the company is doing, what are your worries, hopes, and plans for the future.

They’re the foundation and drivers of your company’s success and if you want them to perform well and care about the fate of your business, you need to make it a little bit theirs.

They need to know what went well and what was a failure in order to contribute, develop ideas and provide you with their unique insight.

Appreciate their work and provide personalized feedback

You don’t only have to praise them. If you have any objections to their work, they should be aware of them so that they can get better.

Make sure that the feedback is just and fair, that it recognizes both the strong and weaker sides of your employees, and it provides them with clear guidelines as to what to improve.

They need to see that you only want them to develop, and you’re not ranting and railing them.

However, do not focus only on things to improve. If someone is really good at their job, find a way to compliment and award them.

Of course, financial or other kinds of bonuses are always welcomed, but no award will give a long-term result when there’s no personal recognition from your part.

Otherwise, you may lose some real talents who will simply go look for appreciation somewhere else.

Clarify goals and support personal development

Your employees have to know they’re working towards something clear and specific. If you want them to be motivated, productive and engaged, you can’t leave them confused.

Plus, don’t leave them alone with their goals; personal goals, as well as those of the company, should support each other, just like the management should support the staff (and the other way around).

Also, be sure that they know that their personal development is a part of the company’s development.

To keep your employees engaged, you need to make sure that they feel like a vital part of the company. They have to care about the success of your business in order to perform and contribute. Build a good team and you will see it’s all worth it.