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How to Nail Your Job Interview – Practical Tips to Go By

Job interviews can be quite stressful on people. With the economy being in a bad shape, getting the job you always wanted can be quite difficult. Even if you are well-educated and have a lot of expertise in a certain field, it still doesn’t guarantee you that you will get it, especially when you consider that there are probably a lot more people who are in a similar position as you.

This is why it is important that you take your shot when you get one and this means preparing for the interview and simply beating everybody else at it. Just showing your portfolio, education, experience and skills is not enough. It’s a good start, but if you want to improve your chances and stand out from the rest, it is important to put in a bit more effort.

Here is how to do it.

Do background research


When you know where you are going to have an interview, you cannot blindly go to the meeting without any additional preparations. Companies like to see people showing interest in them and their work, even if they are not yet working for them.

Learn more about the company with which you are applying for work. Learn what they do, their policies, where they have their offices, who are their biggest competitors, how much money they earned last year, did they have big layoffs and why, etc.

When you show the person interviewing you that you’ve done your research, and you know all of these things, you will impress them and simply make it difficult for them to say no to you.

Be on top of your game


You can prepare and learn as much as you want for your interview, but if you are not good at what you say you’re good at, all your preparation will go to waist and you won’t be able to achieve anything. First, make sure that you don’t read anything related to the interview on the actual day of the interview.

Your mind needs to rest at least for a day and soak in all the important things you’ve learned. If in the morning, get up 2 hours before the interview so that you have enough time to prepare and wake up properly. Drink a cup of coffee to help you concentrate, leave some time in advance to make sure you are not late, wear professionally-looking clothes but don’t overdo it, or blow off some steam with an exercise to reduce the pressure.

Answer questions and ask them as well



Your interviewer will naturally ask you a lot of questions, so try to answer them as best as you can, to show that you did your homework. Be an active contributor to the conversation during the interview and don’t just sit there waiting to be asked something.

If you prepared yourself properly, you will have the ability to take the interview a step further and create a better connection with your interviewer. If you give them good answers, you will leave a good impression. You’ll show that you, in fact, care for this interview.

Yet another way of showing that you are interested is to also ask questions. Don’t ask about what your salary will be. Instead, look to learn more about the organization, what obligations your job position will carry, what are the goals of the organization, etc. You can also ask the person interviewing you about his or her experience at the company, their background, and how much time they’ve spent at the company.

It doesn’t matter if you are financially stable or not, it is important that you find a job that you like. The longer you are without the job, the harder it will be for you to get back in the saddle. Additionally, you never know when something might come up and suddenly, you don’t have that much savings as you did the day before. Always make sure that you have a regular job and don’t let your career be static.

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