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How to Plan an Enchanted Beauty and the Beast-Themed Date in Australia

No, this is not a Valentine’s Day present. It’s not an anniversary date either. The Disney universe is all about the promise of eternal love, and eternal love is to be celebrated all year around. The tale as old as time is just about to get reinvented in the theatres around the world, so book the tickets, pick the most insignificant of dates and make it a day to remember.

The Enchanted Rose

Walt Disney’s first adaptation of this traditional fairy tale begins with a disguised enchantress and an enchanted rose. Too vain to see the beauty that lies within the old beggar, the prince refuses to open his doors, thus becoming a rightful victim of his own conceit. He is left with a curse and a rose that slowly withers away together with its new owner.

In more ways than one, the enchanted rose is a central motif of the most beautiful love story ever told. Both the flower and its colours represent passionate love, while rose thorns evoke obstacles that need to be overcame. As such, the enchanted rose is a symbol of beauty, love, perfection and feminine sexuality, and the most magical, meaningful gift a lady can receive.

You can buy it on a street corner, but it will not last long enough to become an everlasting token of your devotion. If you want something truly exquisite, dip it in gold. The Eternity Rose can make it happen for you, so there’s really no excuse for depriving her of the gift that keeps on giving.

The Princess Castle

There is no fairy tale without a princess castle, which can easily thwart your plan from the very start. Australia is not particularly known for its medieval edifices, but don’t let that discourage you. Even though they lack the pomposity and grandeur of European buildings, Australian castles are still charming enough to tug at your date’s heart strings.

And there are plenty of them, contrary to popular belief. They might not be as magnificent and authentic as those in France, Russia, England, or the Czech Republic, but they are actually much cheaper to book and easier to get into. Built to resemble those from across the pond, they primarily serve as tourist attractions, hotels, and inns.

So, begin your date with a short tour. Both Kryal Castle in Victoria and Sunshine Castle on the Sunshine Coast are ideal for your Beauty and the Beast themed day. In case both are far-off, even better! Book a room for two, arrive a day earlier and spend the night. There’s hardly anything more romantic!

The Library

Still, Beauty and the Beast is so much more than a typical love story. You would hardly remember it, but there is a specific scene that shaped the hearts of all the little girls, including your lady’s. It’s a wonderful homage to all the dreamers and bookworms out there, and the most insightful present ever given to a Disney princes.

The pure magic of the library scene can hardly be translated into words, but it can be re-enacted. Surrounded by the Beast’s endless bookshelves, Belle starts to notice a different side to her wooer. It’s not solely about the books, though.

She is a small town girl who defies the conformism of her surroundings and travels through her phantasies. By giving her his library, the Beast gives her the freedom to be her wonderful imaginative self. Finally, he sees the beauty that resides not on the outside, but deep down on the inside.

Your lady desires nothing but. Leave the sparkly presents for anniversaries and make this date all about her inner beauty. The Mortlock Chamber in the State Library of South Australia is open for dinners and wedding receptions too, so why not plan a romantic dinner for two in the country’s most beautiful library?

There’s a handful of splendid libraries all across Australia, so you can choose whatever’s closest to you. Whichever you pick, make sure to wear a blue bowtie and bring a musician friend along to play “Tale as Long as Time” while you ask her to dance. There won’t be a dry eye in the house, I can promise you that.

Your Belle deserves nothing less, so make your Beauty and the Beast date a tale to remember.