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How to Prepare for a Long Cross-Country Drive

Going on a trip is exciting, but it’s also an obligation. You are undertaking a commitment to keep everyone, including you, safe and avoid the possible risks on the road. Before you go down that path, make sure your vehicle is ready.

The chances are you are not going on this trip alone. If you already have a new car, equipped with all the latest gadgets, you are pretty much set for the road, but in case your car has a bit of mileage, here are some tips on how to prepare for all the possible outcomes of a long driving adventure.

Safe Car – One less Thing to Worry About

As mentioned before, check if your car is ready to resist all weather and road conditions. So take a peek and get under that hood. Pay attention to the following:

  • Oils – Check the level and quality of fluids. If you have many miles under your belt, you should replace the oil before going on a trip. It’s important to keep your engine in proper condition.
  • Tires – Securing the tires is crucial; you don’t want them to blowout. Fill them up and bring a spare tire as well. Also, make sure you have a high-quality 4×4 suspension system for all the bumps on the dirt roads.
  • Battery – The car battery shouldn’t lose its charge when the car is not in use, and you can prevent corrosion by putting some grease on it.
  • Filters – There is a difference between clean and dirty filters. Cleaning them will allow the engine to breathe.
  • Electronics – See if the lamps are functioning properly and bring some spare fuses and a headlamp for the trip.
  • Sprayer and wipers – Due to unpredictable weather changes, especially when driving at night, it’s important that the windshield remains clean. For better visibility, make sure that your wipers and sprayer are doing their job, and replace them if needed.
  • Tools – Always carry a tool kit supply for unplanned minor repairs.


Before You Leave Plan Your Stops

After you have properly prepared your means of transport, it’s time to plan the route. Depending solely on your GPS system is a bad decision, because they have a lot of different routes that might not do you justice. Undoubtedly, a longer drive can affect your wallet, as well as the stress levels of not only you but your company as well. Therefore, before you get yourself stuck with unhappy passengers, take the time to plan your course, stops and revise the plan with people you are planning to drive with.

There are a lot of apps you can use to coordinate your trip. From calculating fuel costs, distance, and find the time to visit a lot of interesting museums, parks, and stops. Whatever your choice may be, it’s advisable to also check the weather conditions for planned destinations.  

Have a Safe Trip

No matter how good of a driver you are, long trips are exhausting. When you get behind the wheel, take the time to rest. Even if you think you can make it when you feel tired, it’s best to stop and recharge your energy levels. Also, before you go on a journey, make sure you are well-rested with a proper 8 hours of sleep.  Accordingly, from time to time you need to fuel up, and not only your car, so pack a variety of vitamins, snacks, and water.

Going away can be Expensive

It’s a fact, rented cars are a good cost-effective option, because the miles you put on it are cheaper. Nonetheless, there is gas to worry about. The prices are high, but you know the best prices around you, so fill up your tank before you go. Remember to drive under the speed limit; it can save your gas mileage. For a smoother ride don’t overpack your vehicle and always bring extra cash with you just in case.

Sing a Long

One of the ways to keep your driving focused is playing some music. In addition, it keeps your company entertained, so instead of bickering and boredom, consider some mix-CDs or an MP3 with a creative playlist. Create a playlist out of uploaded music, and play some upbeat sounds. You can even download interesting audiobooks to listen during your ride. Concerning your company, this is a great opportunity to get to know each other, improve your communication, and amuse yourselves with classic car games.

Proper preparation can save you from expenses, and help you keep your nerves intact. You never know what could happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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