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How You Can Ensure Your Staff Stays Healthy When Returning to the Office

The world has changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Certain businesses around the world are having people return to the office that had been working remotely. The last thing that anyone wants is the entire office to be a hotbed of the virus due to safety precautions not being put in place. The return to the office should be done carefully as certain people that are high-risk might not want to return immediately. This is a decision that management has to make about those that might permanently want to work remotely. A proactive approach is essential when trying to mitigate the virus as being reactive can lead to an entire company in quarantine. The following are tips to help staff stay healthy when returning to the office. 

Be Honest About Expectations Outside of Work 

The truth is that you cannot force people to act a certain way outside of work. People that are posting pictures on social media in large crowds without masks can put other members of the staff at risk. Paperwork should be written up when it comes to this type of conduct. People cannot put others at risk through their own selfishness. Another option is to allow these employees to work remotely although this is a form of rewarding bad behavior. 

Rapid COVID-19 Testing 

There are going to be certain work environments where rapid COVID-19 testing needs to be put in place. These types of tests can ensure that nobody enters work infected with the virus. You will have to do this quickly as the virus can spread through a single contact. These tests will hold employees accountable as some people would rather risk coming into the office than losing another paycheck. This type of behavior is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with swiftly. 

Temperature Checks 

There need to be temperature checks taken daily at the door of the office. Other offices might put self-testing measures in place for employees that are trustworthy. Others might take advantage by stating they have a temperature when they simply want to take the day off or work from home. These checks are a simple way to ensure that no employee comes into work sick. 

Hand Sanitizer Available 

The customers that enter the office and staff should be provided with hand sanitizer. The importance of doing regular cleaning cannot be stressed enough. Hiring a team to do a deep cleaning of the office weekly can allow staff to stay healthy. Social distancing between employees is important as well as contact needs to be limited. There will be people that break these rules so make sure everyone is clear with what is expected of them inside of the office. 

The opening of offices around the world has to be done carefully. No business wants to close again due to an outbreak occurring among a large percentage of employees. Take the time to look at recommendations for safety that are listed by the CDC. You can never be too carefuly when it comes to the safety of your staff and customers.

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