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Improving Customer Experience Through Contact Centers

Customer experience has to be a focus of a contact or call center. The frustration that a number of customers have when calling can lead them to switch to a competitor if their problem is not remedied. Studies have shown that companies that focus on customer experience are far more profitable than those that don’t. The right call center team plays a huge role in customer retention. Systems should be put into place to solve all problems as a disjointed effort could upset the customer. The following are ways to improve customer experience through contact centers. 

Create a Customer Profile 

Creating a profile of the customer will start with the sales team. This can include the expectations the customer had or the problem they need solved. The profile could include their age, living situation, and working habits. Being able to quickly reference the city they are living in can provide that personal touch call centers life for. The sales team should be able to create an accurate profile by taking notes during calls and email interactions, which is made much easier through ccaas

Understand a Customer’s Path 

A customer could have worked with a business for years which requires a top call center professional addressing this person. New customers are important as well. The greeting for a new customer will be far more generic than with an established customer. CRMs are essential as each interaction should be noted regardless of how minor they might be. Policies that require notes is important as a few agents forgetting to note something can lead to losing a customer. 

Develop Personal Report With Customers

Customers want to work with brands that care about what they desire and take time to get to know them. The movement away from automated calling systems is important as customer experience becomes paramount in today’s world. Small things like a written note to a customer after a great conversation can add that personal touch a customer wants. Finding rewards and discounts for loyal customers when they call about something else can be the perfect opportunity to build this report. 

Make It Easy For Customers 

The ease of being able to call a company to ask a question or address a problem is important. Customers appreciate simplicity in all forms of business as technology has simplified business in a myriad of ways. Allow a customer to be called back instead of waiting on the line. Following up with links to help an issue via email can be a great touch. Some people might think they understand a process but will need a reminder. An agent’s goal should be to solve any issue while on the phone with the customer. Odigo can help implement any contact center workflow by focusing on the customer’s overall experience. 

Customer Feedback Can Drive Improvement 

The most valuable resource that a call center has is their current customers. Customer feedback can help drive improvement in areas identified by customers as being an issue. Customers want to be heard so allowing them to see feedback change processes can make them feel valued. Feedback can include notes about the agent that helped them or the process as a whole. Email feedback forms can allow the customer to be very detailed in their response. 

Training is Important

Training will provide the basis that your agents work off of. Training regularly is important especially when a company is offering new products or services. Testing during training will help ensure that agents understand their focus explicitly. 

Customer experience is something that contact centers have a huge hold on. Enlisting the help of a contact center provider can be important to ensure you have the best customer service agents possible.

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