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Influencer Marketing Examples and Strategies The Biggest Marketing Trend!


Influencer marketing is the biggest social media marketing trend where the brands and companies influence their target audience using third parties. These third parties are influential personalities with a prominent online following.

Brands and companies pay these online celebrities to promote their products. The products are usually advertised using original content and personal experiences on a regular basis thereby taking the digital marketing trend to a whole new level.

This article outlines some influencer marketing examples and the strategies used to locate the right influencer.

Bloggers create the new marketing paradise

Blogs are one of the best influencer marketing examples. Bloggers have a loyal following and blogs are the best platforms that create personal experience-styled advertising.

Companies can locate the right blogger depending on the number of followers and the type of content. For example, Riya blogs about her travel experiences and has a huge base of followers. Her website lines up massive online traffic every hour. She is the right contender to promote a travel agency or a brand of airlines.

Usually, a software or an online platform is used to reach the influencers, and a settlement is made.

Youtubers and their vast outreach

A youtube channel can brag about millions of followers. Youtubers are marketing favorites as they can create engaging and entertaining content. Youtube personalities are celebrities in their own right. Brands use their impressive connect and outreach to promote their products.

Youtubers are chosen based on their online viability and creativity. For example, Nick is a stand-up comedian and a foodie. His funny videos and a food product from a fast food company can be incorporated in great ways.

Online campaigns, contests, video logs and other interactive marketing ideas are used every day to garner interest and publicity. This works in the interest of both the parties as profit is made big time by the company as well as the paid advertisers.twitter-for-business1

Twitter and its glitter

Twitter is probably the greatest social media platform where ideas and opinions are shared within 140 characters or less. The word limitation is not a problem at all and hashtagging is a marketing revelation. It is one the marketing influencer examples which have the largest numbers.

Twitter users include entertainers, actors, celebrities and influencers from all walks of life. It is the best tool that can be used to reach and influence millions of people.

Generally, people following a model or an actor would be deeply interested in the fashion brands and cosmetic products he or she uses. So companies pay these celebrities to tweet about their newest clothing line or a new edition of make-up.

Facebook and Instagram provide that local influence

Facebook influencers are the best content marketers as they provide fresh and original content every day via Facebook pages and the consequent shares.  Even with limited numbers, they provide the much needed local influence.

For example, Neha is a vivid sports blogger and uses Facebook to share all her reviews. She is a perfect choice to promote a sports apparel brand.

Instagram is another such social media tool that can be used to garner local interest.

For example, Mindy is into jewelry and shares the pictures of her stunning collections with her 300k Instagram followers. Her choices are faithfully emulated by her followers. She is yet another influencer on the lookout by a jewelry brand.

These are some of the influencer marketing examples, and there are much more. Influencer marketing is an industry growing by astounding numbers and the competition is remarkable.  

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