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International Business Calls Should Not Be Expensive

In this day and age, long distance calling should not be as costly as it is with your regular phone plan. Talking to your business partners and negotiating deals over long distancecan be fast and simple thanks to new technology and prepaid international calling plans. There are some great tools out there that will help you calculate how much you’re going to spend on long distance calling from Canada. You can use this budgeting calculator to find out how much you’re going to spend at a certain rate. The trick is finding a plan that offers the most competitive rate available, as well as a plan that offers the features that work for you.




Affordability should be at the top of your list when you’re evaluating competing companies. Companies like G3 Telecom can offer rates lower than 1 cent a minute. Cheap long distance calling from a cell phone in Canada isn’t available from typical phone providers, and long distance calling in Canada, not counting data, is considerably more expensive than in other countries. By one estimate, the big phone companies are charging as much as 40 cents a minute. However, it doesn’t have to be the case if you go with long distance calling plans from an independent provider. Additionally, you can check to see that there are no hidden charges in your contract, as this can unexpectedly raise the cost and undo your careful budgeting.

Flexible Plans

How often do you make a long distance call? Perhaps you have a loved one or business associate who you regularly keep in touch with, or maybe you only call when the need arises. Whichever the case, you will need a plan that suits your needs and often the best answer is a prepaid plan, such as the one offered by G3 Telecom. The ultimate in flexibility is paying for the services you use, not a penny more. You should also find a service that offers international calling with no hidden fees and never rounds up your minute usage. Paying for time you haven’t used isn’t fair, but unfortunately it’s a common practice with calling card companies. You can compare plans and even find out about how you can get free long distance calling from your cell phone at

User Experience

User experience, in this case, involves many factors. For starters, the voice quality of your calls should be superb to make it easy to understand what the other person is saying. Additionally, making calls should be quick and simple: no need to punch in long calling card numbers or international calling codes. You should also be able to manage your account online and get assistance as soon as you need it.

Free Trial

Make sure you know what you’re getting into by starting with a free trial; that gives you the freedom to test the sound quality and make sure it’s really as convenient as promised. Long distance calling doesn’t have to be expensive or a pain. Keep affordable international calling in your pocket with an international calling mobile app.


When you’re making international calls for business, you need to be able to save, but you also need carrier-quality service. Look for a company that partners with international carriers to provide premium routes for your call that suffer no degradation in quality and start talking to your business partners at a reasonable rate.