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It’s Time To Tap Away The Backache

In order to deal with our emotional blockages, there is a technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique EFT. The EFT uses tapping certain points. These points include SS (sore spot), EB( beginning of the eyebrow), UE(under the eye), SE (side of the eye), UN( under the nose), CH (chin), UA(under the arm), CB( beginning of the collar bone), TH( top of the head), IF( index finger) MF( middle finger) BF (Baby finger), BN (below nipple) and KC( Karate chop).The EFT is based on Einstein’s discovery that everything in the universe is energy, including the human body as well.

The result of EFT based on the balancing of the body’s subtle energies that run through the body like the blood passes through the veins. This balancing is done by stimulating specific body points by tapping with the fingers.Mostly emotional problems have a relationship with health. Sometimes our emotions affect the body by disturbing the delicate balance of hormones and neurotransmitters. Positive emotions create positive effects on health while negative emotions activate stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Negative emotions trigger pain in various body parts. Hence tapping on specific points allows you to release your negative emotions and helping you in relieving of the pain. EFT created a technique by which we can deal with these emotional problems by tapping.

The EFT is similar with the ancient Chinese Acupuncture system that uses a meridian energy system for healing process. The EFT tapping uses the similar system to remove emotional energy blockages. Under our skin surface there are complex structures like nerves and veins, each has a different function.The prolonged pain or any other problem like abdominal pain, backache, asthma, stress, cardiac disease and arthritis is caused by the blockage of one of these veins. The actual location of the pain is difficult to find by common individuals. There are some pressure points, as mentioned above, for each and every part of the body.By tapping these points, it’s possible to heal many ailments.

People now become fed up by the side effects of allopathic medicines so now they are turning their attention towards the Tapping technique. In recent times, thousands of people around the world use this technique and are enjoying the great benefits of it. EFT tapping is a versatile and powerful technique and some of the current applications include abdominal pain, psychotherapy, dealing with obsessions and phobias, managing stress and anger, insomnia, weight loss, quit smoking and backache. Here I am shedding the light on the issue of backache. How you can get a relief from backache by EFT tapping.


Backache is really irritating: it ranges from mild to severe sharp pain and disturbs routine activities.It reduces our productivity with age as back problems increase. Usually, backache is caused by muscle strains but there are a number of reasons like spinal compression some time bad posture can also cause this problem.Backache can make your whole body ache, especially if it is combined with sciatica and runs down in your legs also. EFT is very beneficiary for curing backache and the results gained by EFT for backache relief are amazing.In different clinical trials it has been observed that EFT is extremely effective in reducing backache. In 20 minutes, the average pain reduction is 68%. Modern science is gradually recognizing that emotional factor affects the backs and causes back pains.Once this emotional factor is cleared the backache is usually relieved or gone entirely. Physical therapies are also helpful in this. Before starting the EFT rate your pain from 0-10. 0 indicates pain-free back and 10 indicates severe pain. By doing this, you can compare the intensity of pain after applying few rounds of EFT.After doing this start tapping on the KC point (Karate Chop). While tapping just read any positive focusing phrase two or more times. Then continue tapping the remaining tapping points from head to bottom.

You’ll definitely feel the change. Things would start getting into your control and you certainly won’t have to hold your back every time the lift taking you upstairs doesn’t work or you just have to change the gallon of the water dispenser.It’s not that you’ll feel the change right away, but at least once you’ll start the treatment, things would get better. You also need to keep a check on your sleeping and couching habits. Make sure you use the right kind of mattress that suits your back. You don’t need to change it just there and then, look for some of the exciting Black Friday Bed Deals and land onto the one that suits you and your pocket.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is of great help without a doubt but you need to make sure that this treatment doesn’t go in vain because of some of your already developed habits that have caused you so much of pain and agony in the past.