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With the recent upturn in the economy and Covid-19 finally beginning to subside, there has been an influx of jobs on the market that don’t seem to be being picked up or noticed by those looking for work. There are a variety of ways that people look for jobs, but unfortunately, not every job is noticed or well marketed and are left vacant even though they could be a perfect opportunity for someone. One of the best ways to come in contact with one of these jobs is through a temp agency. 

There are different staffing agencies that operate nation wide but have local agencies as well such as temp agency Los Angeles. Here, you can encounter jobs that you weren’t aware of and have less popularity on the market. Not only does this increase your chances of getting hired, but it also has a wider variety of options which allow you a larger chance of finding work that not only is compatible with your schedule but that could also increase your job satisfaction and productivity while working. 

The process is quite simple. You’ll fill out a small resume with time availability, experience, expectations, priorities, and talents, and then the agency will match your credentials and conditions with other companies that are looking to hire someone with your expertise. They are also able to match you with jobs in specific fields. For instance, if you were looking to work in entertainment and media, you would visit their entertainment staffing agencies page to begin your search for a new job. While the process itself is quite rudimentary and easy to follow, here we would like to show you a couple of the different options that are prevalent today and a few of the jobs that might come available for you when looking through a staffing agency.

1.      Best Buy employee and salesperson. 

Not only did the Covid-19 pandemic spike sales in all areas of entertainment, but with Christmas approaching entertainment and media sales always seem to rise. Because of this, best buy tends to hire on extra help during this time to increase the flow and efficiency of their corporation and sales process. You would have the choice of working online, in store, or at help centers to provide the best service for customers looking to buy in person, online, or help them get the best out of their new products.

2.      Disneyland reopening. 

There have been rumors for a while that Disneyland will be reopening, and right now they’re only waiting for the “ok” from the California government. However, they have begun to schedule private parties for the future again and are in need of a workforce to operate the rides. Because they have been shut down for so long, a large amount of their workers needed to be laid off and they are looking for a new work force for when they reopen again.

3.      Virtual reality simulators. 

Now that sports have started up again but tickets to these events are sold sparingly, there has been a trend of virtual reality spectating. So, instead of having lots of people in the stadiums, there are virtual reality cameras set up around the stands and people can buy seats and watch the games “live” as if they were in the arena themselves. This being said, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that must be done before this process is operational, and every franchise has to do this separately. This requires expertise in coding, Information systems, graphics design, and much more just for the system, then it needs to be marketed, bug tested, and managed throughout the games. This opens up a lot of different avenues for jobs and expertise in various fields.

4.      Local movie theaters. 

Yes, they’re open again! Although regulations will obviously differ between states and corporations, many movie theaters have begun to open again and are looking for a staff to keep them in business. Some of the jobs available range from concessions, to film operator, in which you’re in charge of the audio and showing process of the film itself. Sounds like fun, huh? It’s relatively stress free because everything is digital now, and you will actually get paid to watch a movie and make sure nothing goes wrong with the system.

5.      Gamestop employee. 

Many of these stores never shut down during the pandemic because they always had customers. Even with Covid beginning to decrease and activity increasing outside of the home, video games have had an upward curve in popularity and continue to grow substantially. Gamestop continues to build brick and mortar buildings that sell hardcopy games.

6.      Tech support. 

If you’re handy with electronics, you could be a great help and a need for many people who aren’t. Almost every media or entertainment store has some level of tech support for their customers. This can range from best buy to RC Willey to Walmart. Employers are constantly looking for people with this skillset to increase the satisfaction of their customers. Staffing agencies can help you find one of these companies who has been looking for a tech wizard to help them keep their customers satisfied with their purchases.

7.      If you enjoy talking to people, there are a large variety of call center jobs that schedule different conferences and venues now because occupation needs to be controlled. In this case, you would call up different parties and help them schedule out a time and venue for their event and keep everything organized between different parties. If you like organizing, you would be exceptional at this.

Although these are only a few options, hopefully it’s helped you see the variety of jobs that can be found through looking through a staffing agency. Although many of these focus on media and entertainment, there are jobs suited for every skill set and every experience level, ranging from novice to highly trained. We wish you luck in your search and hope you find success.

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