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Jojoba Oil Has Been a Beneficial Oil for Thousands of Years, Discover Why

Jojoba has been a beneficial source of health and beauty treatments for thousands of years. Found in the heartlands of Southwest USA, Jojoba oil has helped millions of people cure disease and keep their skin and hair in top notch conditions.

You Can Alleviate Acne

This is a top tip for all teenagers out there! Jojoba oil has a long track record of curing and alleviating the effects of acne. Jojoba oil helps to cleanse skin pores and also acts as a mild fungicide and antibacterial ointment.

Jojoba oil also works well as a T Zone oil, mimicking the effects of your skin’s own natural oil defense. This helps to prevent oily skin, one of the big causes of acne in the first place.

Hair Regrowth

Jojoba helps your hair in two major ways. Firstly, it cleanses the follicles right down to the root, unclogging those pores and helping the early shoots of hair to break out. It’s moisturising and antioxidant properties then actively protect the newly developing hair, ensuring is doesn’t dry out or become damaged.

Some studies have shown that Jojoba oil is almost as good as coconut oil when it comes to hair regrowth. Many scientists—details here and here—now believe that using both oils as part of a hair regrowth plan could boost follicle growth hugely!

Dry Scalps and Dandruff

Jojoba Oil has been used as a fungicide treatment for years. It’s these properties that help it to maintain a healthy scalp and often repair the damage caused by fungal infection.

For the dandruff sufferer, Jojoba oil will kill the underlying fungal condition and sooth the skin. Eventually, returning the scalp to its original condition and helping alleviate any itchiness. Dry scalp sufferers will feel the exact same levels of relief, with Jojoba oil helping to pack as must moisture into your scalp as possibly, cleaning up dryness quickly.

It Helps Clear Wrinkles Up, Too

Jojoba oil is big news for those with dry skin or who’s skin is just beginning to loose it’s youthful look. The ingredients in Jojoba actively lock in moisture, re-plumping once dry and sagging skin whilst the natural oils help to cleanse the skin thoroughly.

This effect is so powerful it’s extremely common to see Jojoba oil listed as a main ingredient in hundreds of make-up and cosmetic products. If you’ve ever wondered what ingredient was used to help all those lotions and potions to firm up skin and smooth wrinkles, then now you do.

Cure Dry Cuticles

This is another one of those “cosmetic moments”. Jojoba oil is used in many brands of cuticle oil and is often packed into nail varnish remover too. Jojoba oil helps to moisturise dry cuticles after polishing plus the antifungal properties ensure that no nasties can invade your freshly painted nails and cause damage.

In-fact, whilst we’re talking about nails we can also mention your toes too. All the same anti-fungal properties that work so well on your hands, hair and skin can also we put to great use if you suffer from fungal nail infections. Jojoba oil has just enough of an effect to cure most minor infections and although you might want to trade up to a more powerful treatment if you’re infection is quite advanced; Jojoba oil should be all that you need to keep your toenails in tip top condition!

Eczema and Psoriasis Suffers

For those of you who suffer from Psoriasis and Eczema I have nothing but sympathy. Both are pretty horrible conditions to live will and cause untold misery during flare ups!

However, if you haven’t given Jojoba oil a try please do. Jojoba oil is a wonderful cleanser, helping to remove the dead skin build up caused by Psoriasis and help cool down the infected area. Although Jojoba oil doesn’t have an anti-bacterial effect, it will cleanse the affected area enough to see some real benefits.

For eczema sufferers, Jojoba oil is a powerful moisturiser and will help to really cleanse and moisturise the skin, helping to reduce both the number of flare ups and also reduce their intensity too. As a powerful anti-fungal oil, Jojoba also helps stop secondary infections caused by scratching and ensure your symptoms get no works than they need to.

Cracked Feet and Hands

This is a great benefit to those working outside for a living. Even those who have developed calloused and tough hands often need a little help during the cold winter months. Here, Jojoba oil moisturises the skin and makes sure that none of the chemicals, soaps or other items workmen may use each day don’t dry out the skin to the extent that an infection could occur.

For cracked heels, it’s much the same deal. By ensuring the dry skin is kept supple and moisturized, your feet can quickly begin to look their best. It’s work mentioning too that Jojoba oil has been used successfully as a treatment for athlete’s foot too!

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