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Kenneth Dolin Explains: “How To Find The Best Headshot Photographer In Los Angeles”

Kenneth Dolin has been a photographer in Los Angeles for quite some time, and has been referred to as The Best Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles. Here’s what he has to say about finding the right photographer for you…

In most businesses, it is customary to give out business cards, but not in the entertainment industry. Those who want to have a chance at stardom must have a great headshot to submit for review. If you do not have one, you need a photographer who will make you look like a star. Here is some advice that will help you find one.

If you are trying to get into entertainment, it is likely you have friends who have a similar goal. Take a look at some of their headshots to see if the photographer they worked with would be worth giving a call. This is also useful in the event that they have a terrible photo since this will give you a good idea of photographers that should be avoided.

Everyone is not working with the same budget, so the price must be considered when choosing a photographer. With that said, you should never select someone just because the prices you were quoted are the lowest available. If you are truly looking for the best headshot photographer in Los Angeles, you should consider portfolio and references before price It is fine to use price as a tiebreaker between two great options, but it should not be the main factor you take into consideration.

Always ask to see a portfolio when you are dealing with photographers. Professionals understand that people want to see proof of their skills, so they will have no problem showing them to you. Keep in mind that all of the shots selected to be in the portfolio are the best of the best and there is a chance your actual photo may not be as great. For this reason, you should always choose someone whose photos look far better than you expected.

Meet with several photographers before making your final decision. Since you will be working closely with the person you select, it is important for you to choose someone you will be able to get along with and feel comfortable around. If you work with someone you are not very fond of, there is a chance that the negative feelings you have will be reflected in your photos. Even if you like the first person you meet, you should see a few more for comparison’s sake. You want to make sure that you are making the best decision possible.

Ask the photographer about retouching. If you are unhappy with any elements on your photo, you want to deal with someone who will be able to make a few changes for you. It is far easier to find a photographer who offers this service rather than dealing with two different people in order to increase the chances you will end up with the perfect shot.

There are countless photographers in Los Angeles who claim to be able to take the best headshots. Unfortunately, some of them are blowing smoke. If you want to avoid all of the imposters and find the best available option, your best bet would be to give Keneth Dolin a shout.