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Killer Basketball Crossovers from a Young Arkansas Sophomore – Kamren Roelke

To round out some of the categories on Feedster, I wanted to talk some about sports. While this is not directly related to business it is a topic of great interest. There are a ton of ways that basketball relates to life and growth as you are challenged to improve, play better with others, and yet we all enjoy watching others do it better than ourselves.

To bring that part of life into full view I made a post that is video based to showcase a player that I coach. He is pretty special and hopefully we will watch him one day in the NBA.

Kamren Roelke – Top Point Guard | Class of 2018 | Arkansas Sophomore

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Kamren Roelke is actually a top recruited basketball point guard in Arkansas.

Kamren Roelke Class of 2018

Here is that invite: Invite to Super Soph Camp

Top Point Guard Class of 2018 Videos

So what I have started doing is just grabbing clips of his games and posting them on my YouTube. Obviously, this is in an effort to gain attention for him on the recruiting front. It is tough to become noticed when you play in a Christian School League so we are putting together a plan to find more and more outlets for him to gain exposure.

Kamren Roelke – The Person

I really enjoy coaching this young man as he leads his team and learns more and more about life through the game of basketball. The camps, coaches, and players all enjoy him and anyone that watches or plays with him realize he is a special athlete. He is my sons best friend and spends a ton of time at my house as well as working for me. I have really gotten to know him as a person and can’t wait to mature him into a business owner if his basketball career takes a side note.

Video Clips

Here are some of the videos I have posted so far:

Here is another clip from Kamren’s ninth Grade Season, This one actually went a bit Viral on Instagram as the young man guarding him was injured on the play:

Then you like to see growth in a player. Here he was as a younger seventh grader:

Basketball Recruiting is a Tough Business

While Kamren is maturing and growing as you can tell from the videos, we are really finding out how much work it is to video each game and get good footage and then editing that footage into usable bites to send to recruiters. This process is really something that would be great for someone to make an application out of.

This lies the second problem. There are so many people that offer “recruiting” services for money that you don’t know who to trust. I still feel strongly that gaining mass media exposure would be great for his “brand” and image on the recruiting trail but we struggle knowing who to trust to make sure this happens.

If you have pointers on some things you have done, we would love to here from you.