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Learn An Innovative Technique To Create Fuller Brows

Forget about flawless skin, expertly applied eye shadow, and the perfect lip colour. The most important feature of any beauty’s face is their brows. It gives structure to the face by giving much needed definition around the eyes, the windows of the soul. The biggest celebrities have dropped the thin, over-worked brow in favour of the strong, full eyebrow. Talented actresses like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins sport the look, with strong, expressive brows helping them nail those dramatic scenes.


As the trend grows, and more and more women come into your spa asking for that “Cara Delevingne look”, you need to be equipped with the latest products, techniques, and skills in order to deliver what they want. It’s a delicate procedure that needs a deft hand and a critical eye towards the skin and hair type of your client. For those with thin hair, they’ll need help fitting a full look, while those with bushy, untamed brows, they’ll need to create definition. If you’re at a loss of how to assist these two types of clients, and everyone in between, it’s time you enroll with the industry leading training facility in North America. The instructors at the LashForever Canada facility can reveal to you the latest tips and techniques to get you on the right track. Enrolling is as easy as visiting and signing up for the class closest to you.

There are benefits to learning from the biggest and best name in the eyebrow embroidery game. Their technicians stay on top of the latest trends in the industry, so they can share with you innovative beauty enhancements. Learning from such established instructors means you have access to their extensive knowledge of techniques, as well as their full brand of products, including pigments and extension blends.


Microblading is by far their most popular class. Also known as embroidery, it’s a non-invasive, pain free alternative to permanent tattoos, and they can be applied to both the brow and lash line to create fuller, thicker looking hair. During your class, you’ll learn how to control premium tools to create fine, feather-like incisions and how to match your pigments to your clients’ natural colouring. In lash and eyebrow extension classes, you’ll discover how to safely apply silk and mink blends to existing hair. In any class you take, you’re guaranteed access to the brightest minds in the beauty enhancement industry, ensuring you’re equipped with the best techniques and products to help your clients.

It’s important to learn from an established facility like LashForever and not just because of their extensive knowledge of the trade. They also provide you with methods and products that meet all FDA, Health Canada, and EMA standards. All of their technicians go through training to meet the highest standards, so the end result is happy and safe clients with the brows and lashes they want. Enroll in a class and get ready to take on the biggest, boldest trend of the season: strong, defined brows.

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