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2017 Plan – 4 Ways People Make Money Online; And You Can Too

If you want to find some work online, but you have no clue where to start, you’ve come to the right place. I understand that thinking about it can be overwhelming and confusing. Everyone who started considering this option was uncertain at some point and they had their fair share of fears and doubts.

Most people are used to having jobs “in the real world”, and for them, the concept of working for someone who’s on the different side of the planet is very awkward. To people who haven’t had any experience with online work, it seems strange to work from their homes and not have a workplace where they have to come to every day and talk to their colleagues and bosses on a regular basis.

However, working online has many benefits. Apart from the fact that you will work from your home, in front of your computer, you will also have the option of organizing yourself the way you see fit and do your work when you feel like it.

1. Part-time writing


One of the most common ways of earning money online is to do some writing. A lot of people think they can’t do this because they are not professional writers. Yes, you will need to have decent writing skills, but writing is a very broad area, and you can write different topics using different languages.

Ghostwriting includes writing pretty much everything you can. You can write website content, blog posts, product descriptions, commercial storylines and much more. You are obligated to write these things for a fee and you lose the rights to your work the second you get paid.

Another way to earn money is by translating texts and, of course, it requires knowing two or more languages. You can also start blogging and build a community around your blog in order to be able to advertise someone else on your blog or let people guest blog for a fee.

2. Doing online surveys


One of the quickest and easiest ways you can earn money online is by finding paid survey sites.  It’s important to find real survey websites so as not to get scammed. There are a lot of people who had bad experiences, since they didn’t pay attention to obvious red flags. Find sites that are reliable and then apply to write as much surveys as possible.

The more sites you apply to, the higher your chances of getting chosen. The registration is usually quite simple and they only require your email and basic information. After you’ve done this, make sure that you constantly check these sites for any new surveys. It’s easy work, and if you are ready invest your time, you can really earn a decent amount.

3. Teaching online

Junge erfolgreiche lachende Frau mit Laptop
Yet another popular method for making money online is by teaching people. You might think to yourself “I never taught people anything”, but have no fear, because you don’t really have to be a professional teacher to do this, although of course you could get more money and find a job more easily if you are.

For example, there are various English-teaching websites where even an average English speaker can teach language to students. You usually get the material you need to go through, you learn it before the lesson and, depending on the platform you choose, you might have one on one courses or you can teach multiple students at once.

In most cases, these students have very little knowledge of English and you will be teaching them the basics. There will be students that simply want to talk to someone in English, to improve their pronunciation.

4. Streaming


In case you are a gamer who can play certain games really well, you have a good opportunity to make some money online. Streaming platforms such as Twitch can broadcast your gameplay, just like a TV channel, and you are the one who is supposed to be entertaining and act as the commentator.

People enjoy watching others play games on Twitch. They like watching them do anything else for that matter, because there are many streamers out there who aren’t gamers. The key here is to be interesting and to find an innovative things to do or to have an interesting approach to doing something.

When you stream, you will rely on people that visit the streaming platform to watch your broadcasts and donate money. These are small donations, but once you have 50 people that donate $3 per day, you already can say that you are a semi-professional streamer.

Earning a decent amount of money is not that difficult, but on the other hand, if you want to earn more, the possibilities are endless. Some of the top-earning streamers enjoy luxurious profits and they do this job full time.

The best place to start are some of the many freelancing platforms. Here, you can gain the knowledge needed on how making money online works. Additionally, getting some experience and doing small jobs is essential in order to learn how things go. Hell, you can even land some serious work online.

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