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Mattress Hygiene For Peaceful Sleep Anytime

Mattress is covered with a clean bed sheet, which is changed frequently. However, this is not just enough because you will be surprised to find the amount of dust buildup and mites harboring inside, when you start cleaning the mattress. Mattress needs to be cleaned because of the following reason.

  • It helps to maintain healthy air quality in the bedroom
  • Common allergic problems like eczema and respiratory issues due to mites and dirt gets avoided
  • Build up of stains and odors can be taken care off
  • Proper hygiene spells stress free sleep

Steps to keep mattress clean

Keeping mattress dry – spilling, cleaning solutions, and body perspiration all add dampness to the mattresses. Thus, the risk of breeding mold and others increases. Therefore, after cleaning, dry it well is important.

Wash mattress cover – Mattress cover needs to be cleaned regularly just like the bed sheets. If your mattress has no cover to protect it, then buy one of good quality.

Vacuum – Mattress needs to be vacuumed regularly, every month on both sides. Vacuum helps to remove the accumulated dirt, dust, hair, mites and dead skin cells. This can all irritate allergies causing poor sleep. Use clean hand attachments in your vacuum cleaner to reach into each and every nook and corner of the mattress.

Flip the mattress – Rotate the mattress twice in a year, so that you don’t sleep on the same side. In this way, the mattress remains even on both ends, and thus allows removing the trapped dust.

Air the mattress – Mattress needs to be aired, after two to three months. This prevents the formation of mould. When it is sunny, place the mattress outside, this even helps to get rid of lingering odor from the mattress.

Buy mattress protector – It is a worthy investment because mattress protector saves it from stains, spills and even keeps dirt and dust from reaching inside the mattress.

Deodorize the mattress

In summer, you tend to perspire more, so your king or queen memory foam mattress can get smelly. Mattress cannot be washed, so the best solution is to deodorize and freshen it. Soda-bi-carbonate is the best material that soaks the moisture and eliminates stubborn odors from sweat, dirt, and grimes.

How to deodorize?

  • Take 1 cup of soda-bi-carbonate
  • Sift it onto the mattress evenly
  • Allow it to rest there for half an hour
  • Use a hand attachment and vacuum it

For bad smelling mattress, add some drops of essential oil to the soda-bi-carbonate, prior sifting it on the mattress.

If it is a dry day then prop the mattress outside for a few hours or allow it to stand in the bedroom, but with open doors and windows.

How to eliminate mattress stains?

Tannin or greasy stains can be caused due to occasional dropping of beverage, food, sweat, urine, vomit, blood, and other body fluids.

Clean greasy stains quickly

It is best to get stains cleaned, when they are fresh. Grab a cotton damp cloth. Blot the stain gently. With dry cloth dab it gently and pick up the moisture. Never use rotating motion because this can push the stain deeper and around, so pat the stain lightly.

Next step is the use kitchen ingredients like –

  • Salt
  • Soda-bi-carbonate
  • Water

How to use:

  • Mix 2 tablespoon salt and drip some water droplets to form a paste
  • Apply this paste smoothly onto the stained spot using a dry cloth
  • Leave it for 20 minutes to dry, before brushing off
  • Use cool and damp cloth to get rid of excess paste
  • Allow to dry thoroughly, using a hair dryer on low setting or switch on the fan

You can even buy stain remover sprays from online stores but make sure to follow the instructions carefully or you can damage the mattress more.

Doctors strongly advocate patients suffering from allergic reaction to scrub their mattresses frequently. It’s common for people suffering from allergic reaction to face their worst attacks at night while sleeping on dust mites ridden mattresses. Therefore, by reducing contact to those allergens, people can reduce the number of allergy attacks, which sometimes might even trigger major health issues.


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