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Maximize Your Summer Sales With Reduced Shipping Costs

In today’s society it seems that jobs and tasks that once had to be done exclusively in person are now primarily done online. One huge industry that has been affected by the internet is the shopping industry: as everything is becoming automated, people are more inclined to use their laptop or smartphone to order anything they can think of online. The main reason for this is that online shopping is extremely convenient.

No longer does a person have to worry about getting up and ready to go fight traffic for hours on their day off just to go buy things that they want or need. The convenience of E-Commerce cannot be denied and if any business today wants to remain in business tomorrow they need to account and plan for a significant online presence. Though creating an online presence and catalogue is a major step for any business that provides products to customers, there are many other factors that should be considered.

The most significant factor that will impact a company’s sales is the price of the order. It’s no secret that when selling online, the company can charge more for the product to account for the convenience of the transaction. People are willing to pay more if they don’t have to leave their house to buy a product, but competition in E-commerce is much more direct because the customer does not have to drive across town to check the price of that same product in a different store – all the customer has to do is go to a separate website and compare. 9 times out of 10 the customer will choose the cheapest rates (unless they are paying for the brand and reputation), which is why many companies have been reaching out to a shipping and courier broker like netParcel to help with the price of shipping. Many companies are beginning to realize the correlation between shipping cost and product pricing.

The customers may not realize it, but companies are beginning to see that the lower shipping costs are on the purchase of a product, the higher the company can charge for that product –here’s why. It’s because as long as the product is not outrageously priced, the customer feels they are getting a deal with reduced shipping. This makes sense because in a consumer’s mind, the process of getting a product from a warehouse to a front doorstep is a lengthy and expensive one. So if a company chooses to charge less for that process, even though the customer will most likely choose the cheapest rates, they will still pay more for the actual product if the shipping and handling cost are significantly lower.

This is why it is so important to choose an economic shipping and courier broker. Of course, the other main reason an E-commerce store should use a courier broker like netParcel would be to curb shopping cart abandonment, that dastardly process whereby a potential customer drops out at the last moment, often when seeing the revised, “shipping included” price.

E-commerce can be incredibly lucrative, especially in the summer, but you have to be able to remain competitive. By using a shipping courier and reducing shipping costs you can maximize your sales in no time.