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Meet Seattle: What to Expect from the City of the Future

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Seattle is usually the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, but don’t mention it to locals there, they will kick you out of town. Don’t let this scare you though, they are actually really laid-back people, and you can’t blame them for getting annoyed when someone keeps repeating the same old story again and again.

Many people are not familiar with the quality living this city has to offer. Although it rains most of the time, it’s not an obstacle that significantly affects the joy of living here. Actually, Seattle is ranked the most popular and one of the “10 Best Cities for the Next Decade”.

It’s a great place to live, work or visit the home of Starbucks and Microsoft. It seems like any business you start there has a large potential for success. Some of the most recognized global companies are settled there because it’s a land of economic opportunity. Not only that, it’s a great place for cultural and educational growth.

If you are not familiar with Seattle, here are some interesting things about the futuristic city that makes it so popular.


Believe it or not, tech scene in Seattle has dramatically grown over the last ten years. One of the leading and eldest companies is Microsoft and Amazon. In time, this encouraged a lot of startup businesses to go big or get acquired by Microsoft. These chains of actions lead to growth of the tech ecosystem we have today. Nowadays, there are a lot of famous public companies starting with Adobe and Real, which make a profit of up to a billion dollars.

The best thing about work there is the workplace itself. Not only do they have a ferry you can sleep in while commuting to work, they also let the geeks be geeks and create themed offices. From sci-fi inspired offices to open park-like spaces, Seattle cares about the workers and wants to motivate people to think big and look toward the future.

Traditional offices are dead, as they  very well should be, as progress comes when workers are comfortable and love the work they are doing, and Seattle proved it.

People & City

A lot can be said about the town that lets every apartment turn into a beautiful piece of art by nurturing nature. Their policy is “let it grow”, so residencies get covered in ivy and shades of the trees in the summer. Also, there are stop signs everywhere – people’s safety is important.

All over the city there are gorgeous hidden staircases and little pieces of art. Since this is a land of Microsoft, nobody really cares about new iPhones. There is no rush to buy it straight out of store. In fact, Microsoft is so cool they are practically obsessed with the gay pride parade, where everyone gets out and dresses up like it’s a costume ball of fun.

Speaking of dress-ups, Seattle has its own real life superhero to protect the city. Fun right? You can find a number of unique vacation Seattle apartments that are just ripe for the taking, and experience the lovely atmosphere of the Cloudy City for yourself.


These pet friendly people take their dogs everywhere. You can even take them to the restaurant with you after Comic Con, Gasworks Park or just cooling off in a huge public fountain on a hot summer day. In the winter period, one of the main streets closes and turns into a large improvised sledding party.

As mentioned before, this is a land of coffee. Next to the most popular Starbucks coffee, wherever you go, you literally can’t find a bad coffee. There is awesome espresso at every step in truly amazing locations. Every year, since 2005, Seattle has held the “Hump!” festival of short and kinky porn films. Movies are created by strangers who become a porn star for the weekend. It’s funny, creative, sexy and highly visited by the local community.

Another thing not to worry about is the hills. Ladies can be absolutely relaxed since a pair of Birkenstocks is the popular footwear. As for the gentlemen, the looks don’t matter. As a result of the rain, locals don’t take an umbrella with them. It’s normal to get wet and just carry on with your daily plans. And let’s not forget that Seattle supports same-sex marriage and legalized marijuana.

If the weather is the only thing stopping you on the way to the future, don’t worry! Yes, it has dreary and gray days, but it’s normal and healthy. Actually, because of it, this place is constructed for maximal comfort and joy. Can you imagine resting and sleeping on a ferry design for your satisfaction?

Working in a fantasy office? Be who you are and be celebrated for it? Orcas swimming around in their natural habitat?! It;s something you should definately see for yourself.

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